Sunday, May 03, 2009

Love Spell

I wrote this for a friend of mine, who has cleared the old stuff from the past. She kept looking for an old loves. By working through the old lessons with them, she was finally able to release them and move on. She is now able to not only want new beginnings, but she will also be able to see and accept them.

This ritual is to open your heart and eyes to love.

You will need a white or pink candle of any size. The rules of this are very flexible. Light the candle and say:

With this candle I light the way
for true love to find me without delay.
Let this flame be a be a beacon both day and night
giving Cupid's arrow extra might.
Be he far or be he near,
Bring my love quickly here.

If your heart says to let it burn out, then do it. However, if it says to put it out after the spell and relight it another time, do that. The key is to follow your heart's desire.

The second part is not magical, but is equally as important. You need to start participating in life for the simple pleasure of being alive. Do what you love with people you enjoy. Doing so will reignite you inner glow, which will act as a beacon for love to find you.

They key is not to search, but make yourself available for love to find you. Do what makes you smile from the inside out; the rest will follow.

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Ever Smith said...

Nice tip in this blog how to search a true
in a life.I really enjoy to read this blog.