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Waking Kundalini

Waking Kundalini
Theresa Chaze

What is Kundalini? By definition, it is a very important aspect of the ascension process. Staring at the base of the spine or first chakra, the energy spirals up through the other six chakras to the eighth or soul connector. The process can be a beautiful, loving experience. However, if not properly awakened, it can be life-shattering event, leading to death or mental and emotional instability. Kundalini is visualized as intertwining snakes, representing the feminine and masculine aspects of the individual, which climbs the spinal cord to connect all the chakras, including the eight, which is the direct connection to individual’s soul and the universe beyond. It is this balance that creates power and strength from the inside out.

Why would one take the risks of awakening Kundalini? It is a soul shaking, faith testing, dangerous experience, but it is also the purest connection to the unconditional love of the universe and the most direct path to the soul’s memory. It’s more than a power surge; it is the doorway to infinite amounts of love and wisdom

Before attempting to awaken the Kundalini force all seven of the chakras must be properly functioning and aligned with each other. They must be spinning in the correct direction and be at the proper vibrational level. This process cannot be forced. Each chakra contains its own lessons and challenges that must be met in the proper sequence. The aligning process is continual. As each chakra becomes stable, it must again be realigned with the others. This is a very simplistic description of a very complex process that usually takes years to complete.

Once your chakras have become healthy and stable, you may begin the process with a series of connections between energy points. The first step is to connect and balance the third eye to the Alta, which is the indentation at the bottom of the skull. This connection must be strong and self-maintaining before you move to the next step. By using healing methods, such as Reiki or Shen, place the fingertips from your sending hand on your third eye and the receiving fingers on your Alta. Starting slowly, send energy from your third eye to the Alta. When the energy flows freely, reverse your hands and send energy from your Alta to the third eye.

The pineal gland trine is the next step. The pineal gland is connected to the memory spheres in both hemispheres of the brain. The memory spheres are on a forty-five degree upward angle from the pineal gland in the center of each of the hemispheres. As with the first step, you create a balance, only this time is between three points. Starting with the pineal gland send energy to one of the memory spheres. When the energy flow is consistent and free flowing in both directions, you then repeat the process with the other hemisphere. The next step is to connect the two hemispheres with each other to complete the trine.

The third step is to connect the pineal gland with the third eye. If there is any pain or disorientation, stop the process. The connection between the third eye and the pineal gland should bring a sense of peace. If you have any other reaction, you are not ready to continue the Kundalini process. If you are wise, you will wait to begin until you are spiritually, emotionally, and physically more mature. If you are ready, the connections between the pineal gland, third eye and the memory spheres will awaken the Kundalini. However, you will not have the energy level to make it rise. By focusing healing energy on the base of your spine and the above mentioned points, you will strength and energize the energy snakes until they are capable of rising on their own. The sensations are individual. Some experience warmth, while others feel cold. It will travel up the spine connecting the chakras, through the Alta, pineal gland to the third eye, where it will loop backward to the crown and out to the eight chakra. It is at this point you will be connected to own your soul and the wisdom from all the past will open up to you.

This is not a process you should attempt to do alone. Learning Reiki or another healing touch from an experienced, ethical teacher is highly recommended. Not only will it give you the training to do much of the healing work on yourself, but also it will give you an objective person to monitor your progress. In addition, involving at least one other person in your spiritual ascension process will give you support both on a spiritual and emotional level. As past emotional experiences are brought up to be healed, they frequently become intense. By working with a close friend or experienced healer you will have a stabilizing influence to ground you during these times of stress. Always remember to be patient with yourself. This is not a competitive race. There is no shared finish line to cross. Each person has a different starting point, with his or her own individual challenges and separate goals. There is no way to compare your progress to another’s when there are no common variables. The healing process will take as long as it takes. The only timetable is that which your soul arranges for your best and highest good. The harder you push, the more elusive you goal will become. Only by be patient and allowing will the ascension process proceed.

This is only one path to Kundalini. There are many others, yet each is as powerful and individual as each person. It is more than just a power tip, but a connection to your own soul and the universe beyond. By taking this step, you are beginning the ascension process. May your path to enlightenment be blessed with joy, love and grace.

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