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A Simple Love Spell

A Simple Love Spell-

Most traditional love spells are black magic because they interfere with another's free will. However, if you are very careful you can call love into your life without doing harm to another. Remember not to get specific in either name or description. List the character traits you desire--do not list the physical ones as if you were giving a description to a police sketch artist. Ask for intelligence, a sense of humor, educational level, for mutual respect, that she or he be attractive to you and you to him or her, ask for an age range--do not ask that he have long, sandy blonde hair that is held back in a ponytail, stunning blue eyes, dimples, a good butt, and is wearing a blue shirt who just happens to looks like Mike in the next cubicle. That would be black magic and bad karma.

Three candles love spell--

What you will need:

A pink candle
A white candle
A red candle
A list of attributes you would like in a mate
White, pink and red rose petals

Sprinkle the rose petals together on the list, saying:

“Loved from within I do reach out
with complete hope and lack of doubt.”

Fold the four corners of the list toward the center, keeping the rose petals inside saying:

“From the east, south, west and north
I look for love in every port.”

Light the white candle and allow the wax drip on the list, sealing the edges close to keep the rose petals inside and say:

“With pure motives I seek out
the one who will share love with lack of doubt.”

Light the pink candle and allow the wax to drip on the list, sealing it and say:

“Let our friendship be filled with trust and wonder
which will make us stronger when others attempt to rip us asunder.”

Light the red candle and drip the red on the other two seals and say:

“May our passion for life and each other
keeps us together one to another.
We do seek to become one
while keeping our individuality from being undone.
Strong in ourselves separate and bold
but together we chose each other hold.
Not out of need or shame
we come to each other freely without blame.
Seeking to help each other grow towards the Divine light
we still have each other for comfort on the darkness night.”

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Written with love and respect
for those who serve

Seeing the need, a small group creates grass roots organization called Operation Home Base to help those in the military and their dependents to meet the basic needs of life. Existing on donations of time, money and resources, they frequently have to dip into their own savings to keep the lights on. Coming from diverse backgrounds, personalities, and motivations, they put their differences aside and combine their talents to create a bridge between civilians and the military.

After months of trying to close them down, a representative from government offers OHB unlimited resources. The only catch is that along with the money and influence, they must accept the Government's Advocate as the new head of their organization. Is it a honest humanitarian offer or are they once again trying to hide something? And if so, what? Operation Home Base will provide a perspective and understanding, if not the whole truth behind the sudden generosity.

Operation Home Base is a military drama about fictional non profit organization, which is staffed with unique characters, each of which has their own reasons for wanting to help. OHB is a combination between NCIS and Army Wives. There is a wide range of potential stories that can be spun from this set-up, from domestic drama, hospital/therapist drama, legal drama, crime drama, adventure, even the occasional comedic episode.

In the style of MASH and NCIS, Operation Home Base has a strong ensemble cast that will appeal to a broad demographic base that includes gender, ages, and ethnicity.  While MASH focused on the effects of war and NCIS concentrates on  criminal situations involving military personnel, OHB will incorporate both while revealing the challenges military families face daily along with the conflicts that originate from involvement with civilians.  OHB could be best described as a family of man drama, which will show the best and worst of the human condition.  The viewers will be able to easily relate to the characters as family members, friends or the person they see in the mirror. Unlike most new shows, which either appeal to adults or children, OHB will be a drama that will appeal to the whole family.

Set in modern day with occasional flashback to previous wars, OHB will have both rural and urban setting most of which can be created in Michigan with its 42% incentive program. My dream team, includes many older actors, who are not only skilled professionals, but who also have established fan bases that will establish the initial audience. However, the broad base appeal the relevant nature and relevant of the topics will attract an audience that goes beyond gender, age and ethic backgrounds. The generations of veterans and their families are the grandparents, parents, siblings, friends or co-workers to nearly every American and those beyond our borders. Operation Home Base will fill the void for quality entertainment that has been created by the cheap reality shops and those that only offer sexual titillation.

To read the first season Bible and the pilot episode, email me at Tirgana at

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