Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading Week March 15-21, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for the Week of March 15-21 2009

The messages surrounding us are designed to create fear and doubt; the sole purpose is to make us forget our purpose for being here at this time and this place. There were no accidents. There were no mistakes. Everyone is here for a reason. That reason is to create the change needed to for the ascension process to be completed. When we doubt what we know about ourselves and the world around us, we give away our power to those who are more than willing to use it for their own agendas. The key phases this week will be self awareness and acceptance; it is time to have faith in ourselves by taking back our power. So many of us have been caught up in the rapid acceleration of the cleansing and clearing process that we have lost sight of who we truly are on a soul level. We have forgotten what it means to be us. Now is the time of remembering and reclaiming our true selves.

The energy will bring from the past is the Queen of Swords. A karmic shift has taken place and a new energy has entered our world. Being both old and new at the same time is has stabilized the basic foundation of both the physical and spiritual realms. In many ways justice has already been enforced; however, the fall out will continue for several more weeks. No matter what the situation develops in each of our lives, the question that must be asked first is--who benefits? When that question is answered the path ahead will become clear.

The energy of this week is represented by the eight of swords. This week will be marked with confusion and indecision as the physical and spiritual realms become in conflict. Many of us will be asking what is reality? Those who have the courage to ask and expect to be given a straight answer will find what they seek. Those who give into the fear and self doubt will find themselves in a maze without a clue of how to find the exit.

The eight of wands is the energy that will come out of this week. It is a rapid and seemingly uncontrollable advancement. Seemingly so because it will take a higher perspective to understand what is happening. Later in 20/20 hind sight, the reasons will be very clear. But now as we move through the process, life will be as clear as mud. By understanding and allowing the situations to unfold as they need to will allow the water to settle, which will bring about the needed clarity.

The challenge we will all be working with is the Knight of Wands. New ideas and possibilities will be offered as the loose ends are tied up. As the old is cleared away, room is been made for new adventures and challenges to be brought into our lives. As the light and dark is balance on the Equinox so will we be given the opportunity to create balanced in our lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. Old questions will be answered only to give way to new questions.

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