Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for March 29-April 4, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for March 29-April 4, 2009

In spite of what is being broadcast on radio and TV, the week of March 29-April 4 will be one of creativity, prosperity and fertility as the prolonged struggles come to an end. The last details are tied off, ending the old challenges. The new ones have already begun to manifest. No longer anchored to the old tapes and behaviors, those who have the courage to try new paths will find those things, people and energies that they have been dreaming of. This is a week of new beginnings and endless possibilities.

Before I get to the actual reading, I’ve been drawn to two animals. After doing research, I realized that their energy and guidance will be helpful to many. The Moose represents the balance between strength and gentleness. She teaches that self esteem is built by doing things, which will use your talents, creativity and your inner wisdom to find new possibilities. By finding the balance between silence and sharing, we not only learn the most, but also find what and who we seek. Last night one of my baby skunks from last year reappeared on my back porch, only he isn’t much of a baby any more. Twice during the evening he wanted my attention. He represents our ability to find the courage and the strength to defend ourselves by using our wisdom and self-confidence to see people for who they really are, not for who they wish us to see.

The energy we bring in from the past is the ace of wands. It represents new work, new business and new opportunities. At some point in our past, we said yes to the right person or situation. This week what we had been seeking and working toward will be offered; however, this only applies to those who had the strength to clean out the back emotional closets. By clearing away the old and tying up loose ends, we have cleared the path for the new to enter our lives. Sometimes the best miracles come into our lives dressed as tragedies. With time, patience and perspective, we are able to see just how some challenges are necessary in order to prepare us for the blessings that follow.

The energy this week is represented by the nine of cups. Also called the wish card, the nine gives the advance notification that a wish will be fulfilled; however, it doesn’t say when or where the universe will be listening, so it is also a warning to be careful what you wish for; you could very easily get it and have to deal with the consequences from it. A wish is a request from each of our hearts; it is what we desire on the deepest level. It reveals who we are from the inside out. By looking at what we wish for, we see our true face.

The energy we take out of this week will be the ten of swords. It is a card of loss, separation and legal situations. On the surface, it seems to be a negative end to a happy week. However, these feelings come from the looking backward as old issues are addressed. Would-have, could-have and should-have are good theories in a 20/20 hind sight world, but they have no practical value in the real world. Every experience, every challenge, every person we have met in our lives appeared for a reason. Second guessing the whys and wherefores doesn’t change the fact they happened for a reason. By accepting and releasing the need to understand every detail, we allow ourselves to see the whole picture of our lives, not just the small moments.

The energy we will all be challenged with is the ten of cups. Dreams shared are miracles created for ourselves and others. The wish we made with the nine will be the challenge or opportunities we are able to share with others. The question we need to ask ourselves--is our dream or blessing big enough to include the others, who have yet to find their own. By opening our hearts and lives, we become the miracles that help others heal. The ten is also a reminder to say “thank you” for the happiness and love that has been brought into our lives. It is also reminder that we need to have the courage to believe in and accept the good things that are offered to us.

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