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Out of the Shadows and Into the Light: A Review

April 15, 2007 (Press Release) -- Out of the Shadows
And Into the Light:
A book of shadows for the modern world
by Theresa Chaze
Valkyrie Publishing, 2007
105 pages, illustrated
Review by Jeffrey Redmond (April 2007)

This is my very first introduction to the actual works of Theresa Chaze. A Wiccan priestess and author of the Dragon Clan trilogy, she has greatly impressed me with her teaching and wisdom. I have been able to read and experience her Out of the Shadows via the PDF file as an e-publication, fully reflective of the modern 21st Century.

Theresa's book is also timeless, in that it draws about the knowledge of our ancient ancestors, as Wicca is indeed a many centuries old religion and way of life. Fully explained are such relevant and useful topics as Wicca itself, rituals, circles, candles, altars, magic, prayers, spells, and the roles of pagan practices. And, especially, the practical applications of these in our modern living today.

Wicca remains a completely relevant concept of life, and an additional positive dimension in our daily activities. This work is thus a highly useful tool to use as guidelines and a manual for learning, understanding, and applying the study and practices of this important way. Out of the Shadows can be a highly effective guide for both those who are new to Wicca, as well as those much more familiar and experienced with it.

It can be completely safe to say that Theresa Chaze begins where J.K. Rowling leaves off. This is a much more detailed work of the magic and applications, as are done by the characters in the Harry Potter series. And Wicca always emphasizes the positive forces of nature and the universe, in order to promote and maintain a more happy and prosperous life for everyone and everything. Those interested in fantasy, mythology, New Age, and alternative living included.

Out of the Shadows is a terrific non-fiction book, and I can definitely recommend it. The lovely and detailed color illustrations, created and taken from different sources, truly enhance this wonderful work throughout. Pagani of all crafts and paths will find this an excellent addition to their libraries. And this applies to each and every priest and priestess, lord and lady, and all practitioners as well. Theresa Chaze has definitely done it again. Read, learn, and enjoy!

I appreciate the opportunity to read, review, and keep this book of shadows for my own modern world. Thanks Theresa!
{:-) Jeff Redmond
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Out of the Shadows and Into the Light can be bought at and as a Amazon Kindle.

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