Thursday, November 13, 2008

Viewers' Opinion of Days of Our Lives

I am doing research about what you think about Days both current and past shows. If I can't write for Days, I'll write about it. These questions aren't about me or fan bases but the show in general. By answering the questions, not only will you help me, but through the article you might clue in the executive producers and writers. In order to quote you in the article, I will need your legal name and the state you live in.

How long have you watched Days?

Why did you start?

Are you happy with what you are seeing on your screen? Why?

How many times a week do you watch?

Has your viewing increased or decreased?

When and why did you change your viewing habit?

What has been your favorite storyline? Why?

What has been your least favorite storyline? Why?

In comparing the show from when you first started watching to now. which did you enjoy more? Why?

If you suddenly became the owner of Days, what changes would you make? Why?

What things would you keep? Why?

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