Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Miracles and Challenges of Being Wiccan Writer

The Miracles and Challenges of Being Wiccan Writer

Being Wiccan isn't always about magic or working with the deities. More often than not it is simply being aware of the energy and wisdom that surrounds us all. It is the ability to see, hear and understand the signs the Divine is showing us; there are no coincidences--only messages that we are not yet ready to interpret.

Being empathic and intuitive, I have done my best to follow my intuition. More often than not it has lead me to the people, things and places where I was needed or needed to be. I have found opportunities and have been given help. I've also been given the great gift of being able to be of service to other. Sometimes I still am amazed how life brings together people, energy and resources just at the right moment. That if one element was just a moment off, the miracle wouldn't have happened.

It's why at this moment I feel so confused. I find myself at a crossroads and not knowing which path to take. Part of me knows that I will be shown which path will lead me to my goal. I know in my heart my needs will be met if I don't give into to the old fears and doubts. Yet at this moment as I write this I am questioning why I have been lead here.

Like so many I am financially challenged and have found my resources have dwindled. I worked on two projects that apparently I will not be paid for and other promised work has vanished. To be honest, I can be stubborn as the day is long and for a long time I didn't fully value my own work. Now that I am asking for equal payment for work performed, I've learned that I taught other to devalue me to well. One was a book trailer, whose author refused to give me necessary information, then complained that it wasn't what she wanted. The other was a woman who wanted me to set up her blog; it's done and ready for her to post, yet she to has found reasons not make payment for work rendered.

This is setting up to be a whine, which is not what I intended. The point is that there is a lesson or a challenge at play. It would be easy for me to do a justice ritual, but what would be the point. Karma always does come around.

Instead of hanging around sulking about these and another weird situation I find myself in, I chose to be open to new possibilities by seeking new work and looking for a mundane job to tide me over.

I went walking this afternoon with my cameras; I promised a friend I would typeset her book and create a cover for her. I also needed to be closer to Mom Nature so I could put my life into perspective. Today it was a miracle in itself--November 4 and it was warm enough to warn shorts in northern Michigan. I found peace and a promise among the trees. I couldn't get pictures of the squirrels, the chipmunks or the two deer, but I hopefully swan pictures will turn out beautifully. I also got wide selection of pictures to chose from for the cover. But more importantly, I found my center and grounding.

I’ve heard from friends and from several on the other side, that the writing gig I’ve been seeking will be offered along with another. The tide is turning in my favor and I am to be patient, allowing it to unfold in its time. Waiting has never been my strongest character trait. So now I wait and work and wonder if the person who needed to see the black panther will see what she needs to see and have the courage to speak out. Or if the changing energies will wash me up on another shore? As Scarlet said--tomorrow is another day. It is along with a whole new possibilities.

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