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Dragon Domain: Magical Fantasy Receives Rave Review

Dragon "drama" for Coyote Springs, November 19, 2008
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Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (11/08)

"Awakening the Dragon: Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy" was a very intriguing book and had me eagerly anticipating "Dragon Domain: Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy." As I became familiar once again with the interesting characters in the series I was once again drawn into their lives and was gripped with anticipation in their trials.

Coyote Springs is a town torn. Reverend Marshall and the House of Christ church have helped to turn this quite little town upside down. The forces collide, leaving the town in turmoil and hatred for each other. As the story of Coyote Springs continues we learn more about life on the farm that Celeste, Cheyenne and Jane call home. Dominic (the same Dominic that gave you a not-so-good "vibe" in "Awakening the Dragon") becomes more and more controlling of Celeste and brings out the worst in her. He awakens the evil dragon within her and many dark events follow. They find that their hatred destroys, but not in the manner they thought.

Much darker than the first installment of the "Dragon Clan Trilogy," you will again find yourself engulfed in the writing of Theresa Chaze with "Dragon Domain: Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy." Being described as a woman that plays with dragons, especially the dragons of the mind, she takes this book beyond the realm and runs with it. I truly enjoyed this book just as much as the first book; please overlook the very few editing hiccups, and just enjoy a good gripping read. When you read the final paragraph, you will probably wonder as I, what will happen next? Will book Three follow Cheyenne, Rachel and the gang into lighter times or will Coyote Springs continue down the path of darkness? Like the author's bio reads in the closing of this book: "Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can live together in peace as long as we come from respect, not only for ourselves but those who follow different paths or beliefs." Here's hoping Coyote Springs can resolve their issues of hate and live in peace.....or would that be a fairy-tale.

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