Thursday, November 20, 2008

Avalon Sisterhood Awakens

Avalon Sisterhood Awakens

In a time that has long been past,
the Sisterhood of Avalon was sent out on a task.
Spread on the four winds their souls did fly,
to learn from the Goddesses and build karmic ties.
No longer held back in the sacred place,
their journey would cross both time and space.

Mother Angela, a soul both wise and old
was called by the Earth Mother, or so it was told.
To her it was given a mighty task,
the Sisters of Avalon she must teach how to mask.
She bide them hide themselves well in foreign lands,
to become one with them was the first part of the plan.

The second task was for the Sisters to learn
all that made each people special and for what they did yearn.
Each was born, grew old and did die
in different lands, seeing each with new eyes.
New families and loves they did seek and did fine
while each moment their soul's light continued to shine.

For they were not alone in this mission and task,
there were others with bonds that held firm and did last.
A sacred mound on an Isle just north and to the east
with Earth Mother's blessing the Elder did release.
The lightning did strike and he did fall
with his blood sending out the virtuous call.

The second and third sons did arrive so discreet
for these Knights had their own tasks to complete.
From their own Temples they were ask to share
the wisdom of old and their weapons to prepare.
In this sanctuary they were destined to wait
keeping safe the Sisters’ growing estate.

Gate keepers of the wisdom and chalice of gold
they were bid to grow the treasures of old.
Until the time when the Sisters would have need
at which then they were to deliver it with great speed.
No matter the cost in money or deed
these Knights were charged to take heed.

As the Mayan calendar comes to an end
so does it add up to completely mend.
Now is the time for the memories of lives now past
to quickly return with all the wisdom that has been amassed.
As each sister awakens and connect with her soul,
so does the ending bell begin to toll.

With their tasks all but complete
they once again come together to meet.
Connected by the song of a bird
each other’s messages can easily be heard.
Renewing old friendships and sharing wisdom in kind
so the karmic circle does unwind.

Call ye now Knights of Gold
Come post haste for destiny to unfold..
As the bell does toll not once but thrice
so I, Shylon, do you entice.
Hear my words and their meaning
for it is time for the Sisters to be intervening.

Emerging from the pool where we breathed our last
we have learned and faced our past.
As we surface fully restored
so it is time for us to pick up the sword.
Not for war but for peace,
through us the healing will be released.

Guardians of the ancient rights
appear to us now in all your might.
What you have keep safe for us throughout the ages
send to us now in the hands of trusted pages.
Now is not the time for egos or guile
or any form of denial.

As each Sister come to you as I have said and done
you must know that her inner battle she has won.
Do not hold back or in way falter
for to do so now the future you could alter.
Instead, quickly proved all we asks
so that we may complete our tasks.

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