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Valkyrie Publishing Receives Praise from Authors, Publishers and PR Firms

Valkyrie Publishing Receives Praise from Authors, Publishers and PR Firms

Traverse City-Valkyrie Publishing offers cost effective video production services for not only books but also other products and services. With the increasing number of sites, which offer video placement, online marketing and promotion is now available no matter how small of a budget.

Book trailers, also called book videos, are the wave of the future when it comes to book marketing and promotions. Whether self published, POD or traditionally published, book trailers give a professional look to books of all genres. They are cost efficient and effective tools for online marketing that the traditional press release cannot compete with.

Using voice-overs, graphics and music, trailers enhance the promotional message by adding additional layers of information. When properly produced, the trailer adds dimensional qualities, which include both the visual and auditory senses. By combining the elements into a single cohesive package, the producer creates a product that is not only more appealing, but also longer lasting.

Founder and CEO of Valkyrie Publishing, Theresa Chaze is not only a novelist and screen writer, but also a video producer, director and editor. She has several novels available and her screenplays have won awards. In addition, she has years of experience working in broadcast television. By combining her talents and her experience, she is able to product trailers that are unique, effective and cost efficient. Examples of her work can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/user/Tirgana and she can be contacted at Tirgana at yahoo.com.

Her current and past client have the following to say about the work Valkyrie Publishing has done for them.

"Theresa Chaze has the experience and know how to turn out quality high-performing book trailers. I am very pleased with the work she has done for us at Pump Up Your Book Promotion!"
Dorothy Thompson, CEO & Founder Pump Up Your Book Promotion

Theresa's book trailers are creative, compelling and very competitively priced. Her placement of these on various online sites goes way beyond YouTube. Authors can be assured that her book trailers will help elevate their book from the printed word. I recommend her book trailer services.
Scott Lorenz
President Westwind Communications

Theresa put together a book trailer for my novel MRS. LIEUTENANT that was an original -- not simply a cookie-cutter book trailer that could fit almost any book. She took the time to research the era of the Vietnam War and then used her research to craft a quality book trailer whose script, graphics and music reflected the tension of the time when the novel takes place.

I would definitely use Theresa again to do a book trailer for me, and I particularly appreciated the open communication between her and myself that allowed me to have input on the trailer.
Phyllis Zimbler Miller
MILLER MOSAIC, LLC -- Working to Make Your Life Easier

Theresa Chaze produced my book trailer and I was stunned at how wonderfully she captured, truly captured, the spirit of my book! Others have contacted me to tell me what a wonderful book trailer I had and the raves continue to come in. Ms. Chaze is not only astute but sensitive to the driving force of authors and their books. Ms. Chaze is president of Valkyrie Publishing. Look out world! Authors have a real voice now and the PR industry will never be the same again!--Cate Cavanagh, author of Her Godmother. See my trailer here: somethingmagicalinourmists.blogspot.com

I enthusiastically take great pleasure in recognizing the fine professional services of Theresa Chaze and her wonderful, Book Trailer Production Services. I am a recipient of her great talent in which she has provided visual services in promoting my book. Aside from my very strong endorsement, a literary colleague mentioned upon witnessing, Theresa Chaze's fine work on my book, suggested that all of my family and friends view my website www.angusrmunro.com - under Angus Munro on You Tube. Her services to me, can best be described as, "The icing on the cake!"
Angus Munro, Full House - But Empty by Angus Munro
Bakersfield, California

"It has been our good fortune to have Theresa Chaze and Valkyrie Publishing do the video production for book trailers for two of our books, Honor Due and Standing The Watch: The Greatest Gift. Both of our authors were very pleased with the end product and the level of production. We fully intend to use her services again for our forthcoming books." Big River Press

"I was most pleased with the video book trailer of Honor Due produced by Theresa Chaze and Valkyrie Publishing. She captured the spirit of the my book and characters. I am looking forward to using her services again with my next book."
D. H. Brown, author of Honor Due

In the past few years I have been extremely fortunate to have Theresa
working on the promotion and marketing of my novels. She has done
excellent creating video blurbs for You Tube and other places. Highly
imaginative and eye catching. Thanks to her my books sales have
been higher than expected.

Theresa is a writer and published author herself. She truly understands
the needs of other writers at all levels. Her experience allows her to be
focused and aware of what it takes to get published and promoted
nowadays. I am honored to be able to give her book trailer services a
glowing recommendation. Especially because she has helped me so
wonderfully much.

Please be sure that Theresa will do her best for you and your works.
You definitely won't be disappointed.

Jeffrey Redmond

For my memoir about taking care of my dying father-in-law, Theresa Chaze intuited exactly the mood & ambience. The seamless flow of photos, the music she chose & her tone of voice as she read excerpts were so exquisite they brought tears to my eyes. Made me see what I'd written in a whole new light. I highly recommend her services. The work and shear professionalism displayed by Theresa Chaze and Valkyrie Publishing in the book video production for my book Standing The Watch: The Greatest Gift was stunning. I will be very pleased to work with her again on my next book, The Dead Husband."

R. J. Brown, STANDING THE WATCH: The Greatest Gift.

I can't express how I felt when I saw that trailer! It embodied
everything that Street Lit is in general as a genre and that my novel is
in particular! You are a true Wiccan priestess
because you've just wielded some wonderful magick with this book
trailer!! Kudos!!

Darrell King, Dirty South and Mo Dirty

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