Thursday, October 09, 2008

Free Wiccan ritual: Releasing Karma and Balancing Justice's Scales

Light a two hour white candle and say

Releasing to Karma

Allow this candle to be the light
which guides my soul through this dark night.
Releasing the need to do harm
I give them into Justices' arms.
Let not my anger and hatred block their way
and hold them from justice one more day.
In peace, love and harmony I allow myself to move on
into the bright future beyond.
I forgive them and me
in complete humility.
Allow my grace to begin
so I can heal from within.
On bended knee and open heart
I ask for the rage to depart.
Grant me the strength and wisdom to move on
so others shall not be put upon.
Goddesses and Gods of Justice I ask you to arbitrate
in this place and in the now to put an end to the hate.
Let your wisdom be the guide
to reveal where truth does hide.
Let it be reveal in such a means
that it can not be again made unseen.
Let it be written across the sky
in letters to be seen by every eye.
May each and every one who was drawn in
find their karma is ready to begin.
With open heart and lesson learned
all my doors and windows are ready to receive blessings I have earned.

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