Sunday, October 26, 2008

Banishing Spirits and Ending Hauntings

With the rapidly thinning veil between the living and the dead as Samhain or All Hallows approaches, more people are becoming aware of the ghostly presences around them. However, during the days and sometimes weeks when the veil is thin, all spirits are not only more active, but are more capable of affecting the physical world.

While spirits of guardians and loved ones are welcome reminders of the love and protection available, not all spectators seek to share love. Many hauntings are based on evil acts that have been hidden by lies or when justice has been denied. Although the haunting activity may be present year round, while the veil is thin the spirits are more powerful and more capable of affecting the living.

Love bonds between souls are never truly broken. They exist long after the body dies and follows souls from life to life. During times of emotional and physical stress, loved ones who have crossed over can muster the strength to influence the physical realm much like a mother being able to life a car off her child. It is how flowers and other gifts are manifested--how pieces of music can be manipulated to be played on radio stations or intuitive strangers are able to share messages from those who have crossed over. During this time we think and dream more of our departed loved ones. It is a time of lovingly remembering and sharing the events of the previous year. No matter how sweet and wonderful their visit may be, it must remain just a short stay. To attempt to hold on, would only do harm to both. Instead the visitation should be thought of as temporary houseguest that comes but once a year.

Vengeful spirits are those whose egos, anger and fear of what lays beyond keeps them between worlds. These are the spirits who have not truly crossed over. Instead, they exist in a in-between, not being part of either realm. Since these spirits still have ties to the physical realm, they are more capable of affecting it. They are also able to draw power from both sides of the veil, making them seem demonic in nature when in fact they are just fearful, lost souls. A vengeful spirit exists off the life force of the living by creating fear, doubt and suspicion which degrades the person’s natural defenses. By making the person question themselves and those they love, the spirit is able to attach a cord and siphon off energy at will.

Those who seek justice and truth do not leave. They are bound by karmic ties that cannot be broken until the scales of justice have been balanced. These spirits are bound by a harmful deed or violent act; it is the glue or karmic cord that will forever connect everyone involved as long as the injustice remains. These souls more often than not are aided by the Spirits of Justice and Divine Retribution, which gives them additional strength and power all year; however, during Samhain, the energy of Earth as well as the thinning of the boundary between realms serves to amplify their abilities. Yet even without the power boost, these spirits are quit capable of affecting the living by creating illness, moving objects and possessing others; the longer the spirit remains earth-bound the more powerful it comes.

Exorcism, séance or banishing--no matter what you call the ritual, the eviction will only be as effective as the reason for the presence of spirit There is no reason to fear a visiting loved one, unless she or he attempts to remain. Loved ones don’t want to be forgotten; by remembering them by sending love, sharing events, and saying a prayer on their behalf is all that is needed. A vengeful spirit can be difficult to remove, but not impossible. Calling upon the members of the Divine Justice, such as Archangel Michael or one of the Dark Goddesses, to send a guide to help the lost spirit into the Summer Lands is the most effective way to remove the phantom. In addition, if the people involved could find the courage to heal through their own fear by sending love and forgiveness to the spirit, the process will be easier and more complete; after which a cleansing and a blessing should immediately follow to close all the astral doors and entranceways. Spirits who have unfinished business or need to share information will leave without fuss or muss once the task has been completed. The TV show, The Ghost Whisper, is very accurate; Melinda helps spirits find closure and they go into the light. While those who have unfinished business or emotional attachments can be easily helped and a vengeful spirit can be forced to move on, those who have suffered an injustice or betrayal will only be able to cross over when the scales of justice have been balanced. Banishings and exorcisms will be totally ineffective on these kinds of spirits since they are Divinely protected. As long as the scales of justice are out of balance, the haunting will not only continue but the activity will also increase. Only the revelation of the truth and full acceptance of responsibility will end the haunting; to do other is to add to the karmic debt and give the spirit more power.

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