Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Days of Our Lives Spoiler: Murder in Salem That Will be No Mystery

Murder in Salem That Will Be No Mystery

Days of our Lives is setting up the murder of Trent. The suspects have already been lined up; each threatening to kill him for their own reasons. But in short, who cares?

Trent Robbins is a physics professor who appears in Salem initially to be Nick's advisor. However, later it is learned that he is Max's biological father and part of Nicole's past. In the months Trent has been on the air, he has gone from being a dead beat dad to someone who would pimp out his daughter to pay his gambling debts. Along the way he has pissed off a good portion of the Salemites.

Recently, it was released that the character would be murdered (Again, I say-who cares?) and Salem will be embroiled in a great murder mystery. However, there will not be much mystery for those who are long time soap fans. The writers have already telegraphed their moves.

The suspects:

Max Brady--He hated Trent for deserting him as a child and abusing his mother. In addition, after he found his half-sister, he learn that Trent attempted to pimp her out to pay his gambling debt.

Melanie--Trent's daughter now hates him for lying about having a brother and using her to try to pay his debts.

Caroline Brady--Max is her son, even if she didn't give birth to him. Trent hurt and continues to hurt him. Like any Mama Bear, she is rising up to protect her young.

Nick--Trent is threatening to expose Max's help in receiving Nick's grant, thereby discounting all of Nick's work, which would cost him his grant.

John Black-DiMera--Trent made the moves on Marlena, which triggered John's jealousy. John is becoming increasing unstable; the blackouts are just around the corner, opening the door to John not remembering what he did during the time Trent was murdered.

Marlena Black--Trent has been harassing her trying to force he into a relationship. She has repeatedly told him to buzz of, but like any pest he didn't listen, so she has threatened to squash him.

Nicole--Trent used and abused her in the past, deserting her when she needed him the most. From the get-go she hated him. However, that hate deepened the more he manipulated her. He revealed that he had never divorced her, which meant that she was never legally married to Victor. The revelation cost her the divorce settlement.

The unnamed bookie--It has been revealed that Trent is a compulsive gambler, who is heavy into debt to those who break legs for fun.

All of those listed above have threatened to kill Trent; hence the so called murder mystery. However, there isn't a mystery.

Caroline will think Max did it so she will try to cover it up. implicating himself.

Max will think Melanie did it so he will try to cover it up, implicating himself.

Stephanie will think Max did it so she will lie and in doing so make Max look more guilty. She will has her Papa to find the real killer. Steve PI will be led to the gambling underworld where he will unravel Trent's gambling history.

Nick will be a suspect because of his motive as well as he will be seen in the area; however, he will be quickly moved from the suspect list to the witness list.

Chelsea will come to his defense, trying to get Nick back. She will lie in order to give Nick an alibi that he doesn’t actually need; thereby, putting him back on the suspect list.

John will see Trent threatening/making another pass at Marlena. Marlena and Trent will fight. Marlena will be knocked unconscious. When she wakes up, John will be incapacitated-either unconscious or in a trance. Trent will be dead. Marlena will get John out of there, thinking he killed Trent. She will be briefly be a suspect. John won’t remember anything until the crucial moment when he gets his memory back.

Nicole will be a prime suspect because of the money and the marriage. However, EJ will come to her rescue when he digs in to Trent’s past and learns that yes they were divorced and Victor still has to give her the money. However, this will happen after there is some question about Trent being the father of Nicole’s baby and EJ revealing that he doesn’t care--he loves her anyway.

However, the identity of the murder will come will come out of left field. Steve’s investigation will lead him into the gambling underworld; however, it will also reveal Melanie’s mother and the true murderer . Melanie’s mother will appear in town if she isn’t there already. No it isn’t Nicole. But a meek, mousy woman who has been abused by Trent for years. She will finally gain the backbone to put an end to Trent’s abusing her daughter by killing him dead.

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