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Six Simple Steps to Successfully Publish and Market Your Book Online

Six Simple Steps to Successful Publishing

Doing a simple search on the net for predators and editors, it is easy to discover how many individuals and companies are waiting to take advantage of writers. Making grandiose promises of making their book a best seller, they con unsuspecting writers out of the money, talent and royalties. Even those writers who do the research can find that they have been taken advantage, However, with the new technological advances in computers and in printing, writers no long have to depend on others to make their publishing dream come true. Print on demand opens the door for authors to not only maintain creative control, but also retain all of the profits from their work. There are six simple steps to getting your book successfully published and distributed.

1. Write your book, making sure that it is properly edited.

Not only does you book have to be creative and interesting, but it has to be readable. Meaning that you need to do more than run it through the spell checker. Punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors will detract from the content and discredit the author. Although mistakes can even be found best selling books, they are rare and quickly fixed in the next edition. First time authors especially need to make sure the work reaches the highest standard possible.

2. Format you book so that it is easy to read and looks professional with an eye catching cover and enticing back cover blurb.

Formatting your book not only is resizing it to fit the appropriate book size, but it is also making sure the typesetting gives the pages a professional appearance. Margins need to be justified to give the pages a clean look. In most cases, book covers should be kept simple and uncomplicated; the graphics need to lure the reader to pick it up. The back cover blurb needs to tempt the reader into reading a few pages. The pages within should persuade the reader the book is worth the money.

3. Find a printer who can produce quality books at a cost effective price.

The list of POD printers is rapidly growing. By Googling the "print on demand printers", the writer can find an impressive of list that varies not only in price but also in services. Some POD printers provide printing services without set up fees; however, they have limited distribution, which will also reduce the number brick and mortar stores who will be willing to carry the books. However, if an author only needs a few copies or intends to sell solely online, theses services are inexpensive ways to get a book in print. Most POD printers charge set up fees, but they also provide other printing options for book size, colors, and binding. Lightning Source is a connected to Ingram. Printing through them and paying the 12.00 yearly fee gets you listed with the distributors Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

4. Make you book financially attractive to bookstores.

New authors have be realistic about their profit margins. In order for bookstores to be interested, the books have to be reasonably priced with at least a 50% discount off the cover price. However, the current standard discount is 55% off. In addition, making the books returnable is a must. Very few bookstores will risk their money and shelf space on a book by an unknown author if it isn’t returnable. When setting the cover price all three factors must be considered in along with a royalty fee. Never forget to pay yourself for your work, but don’t forget that the higher the cost of the book, the few copies that will be sold.

5. List your book with a distributor who is widely used.

Ingram is one of the widest know distributors in the country. However, they will not work with publishing houses that have less than ten titles in print. For a new publishing house, this can be a temporary obstacle. They do however have a list of associated distributors who will represent books from smaller publishers. The site address for the list is Each of these distributors has their own standards and genres that they represent. Some of which require an exclusive contract for each book.

6. Promoted and market you book 24/7

Whether traditional or POD, a beginning author does nearly all of the marketing and promotions. In order to be effective, the author has to not only find a niche market, but has to create brand name for her or himself. The niche market is the target market that you are seeking according to genre, age, gender and readership. Creating a brand name is process where an author creates a strong connection with the target audience. In the past, traditional publishers placed ads and arranged for reviews. These are both still important venues; however, the internet has opened up many different options. Blogs, vblogs, book videos also called trailer and homepages are only four opportunities to attract readers, which cost little or no money. Online groups, chat rooms, and message boards are not only places to promote your work, but it is a great way to make connections with like minds.

No longer costing thousands of dollars to get their books in print, more authors are starting their own publishing houses and going out on their own. By doing it themselves, an author can published and distributed to the public for less than three hundred dollars.

Valkyrie Publishing is a consulting service, which helps authors create their dream without risking their royalties or answering to another. I do my best to make the publishing experience as simple and inexpensive as possible. For authors who are not technologically savvy or would just like help with the process, I am an excellent resource and beneficial asset.

My service that helps you publish your book. At all times, you maintain control over the right. I typeset and create a cover--front, back and spine. If you need help promoting, I am also available to create promotional material.

40.00 for the first 200 pages and .15 page after that. However, if I have to edit the print or type I charge 20.00 an hour at half hour increments. If you send me the manuscript as a word document as you want it printed, there shouldn't be a need to edit. For ebooks, there is a flat 40.00 fee unless you have a lot of graphics.

Covers cost 50.00 unless you want something really complicated; then we can talk.
For ebooks, I charge 40.00, which includes front cover.

Promotional material is 20.00 an hour with a minimum of a half hour for writing press release and for distribution of promotional material.

In addition, I produce effective book video, which are also called book trailers. My service includes full production, including writing the script, find the graphics and music, and adding the voice over. Currently, my rate is 35.00 an hour with one free edit. It usually takes 5-6 hours to create a video. I will also distribute the video for a rate of 20.00 an hour. I will also send you a copy of you video on disk for an additional 6.00 charge for regular snail mail--8.00 for Priority.

To see examples of what I can do for you click here

I accept paypal. With a half due at the start of the project, the rest due upon completion.

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