Sunday, July 06, 2008

Book Trailers: Cost Effective Marketing Tools for Authors, Publishers, and PR Firms

Book Trailers: Cost Effective Marketing Tool for Authors, Publishers and PR Firms

With the increasing number of free video sites on the internet, book videos or book trailers are becoming an increasingly effective tool for book marketing. By combining voice-overs with appropriate graphics and music beds, trailers have the ability to not only create interest, but increase book sales. However, many authors, publishers and PR firms have been afraid to put them in their marketing toolbox because either they don't have the technical skill to create an effective one or they think trailers are financially beyond their reach.

No longer limited to just YouTube, most of the major search engines have added the option of uploading videos directly into their system. AOL, Yahoo and Google are only three of which have video sites. Most of the popular social network groups such as MySpace, Facebook and Gather have added the ability to upload videos to their sites. By adding links to networking sites such a Digg or Drop Jack, the videos effectiveness is extended. In addition, there are a multitude of individual groups that target interests, genres and activities who also allow videos to be uploaded. These groups allow the author to interact with their target audience, which not only offers sale opportunities, but to also allows the author to receive feedback on her or his work and more fully understand what the readers are looking for. Readers’ responses will only serve to help make the author more effective as both a writer and representative of her or his work.

Placing the trailer on these different sites is only the first step. It can be a well crafted trailer, representing an excellent book, but if the readers can't find it, it is totally worthless. Using search engine optimizing keywords in the tag line and title of the trailer will make it more searchable. The genre, author, and title need to play an active role in the tag line; however, the tags also need to include what makes the book unique and relevant. In addition, by being creative in the way it is tagged, it can be connected to existing books or topics. It is away to help others who are interesting in the same topic to find the book. The best way to know what keywords the search engines are keying into is to actually do the search. Not only will it give the author additional ideas for keywords, but it will also show what has been successful for other authors.

Unlike other book marketing tools, book trailers are a multi-media asset. Using both audio and video, they carry an interactive message. The voice over gives the direct pitch, while the graphic give emphasis and subliminal support. The music bed sets the ambiance. From romantic to scary, the music will accentuate the message, especially during the times when the voice over isn’t called for. When these elements are intermixed properly, they make a successful trailer.

As effective as they may be, some authors, publishers and PR agency are still reluctant to use them because of the cost, which can be into the thousands of dollars. These trailers use existing movie video or create their own, which radically increases the cost. However, still pictures with the help of special effects and transitions, can have the appearance of movement at a fraction of the cost. Coordinating the effects and transitions with the audio portion adds depth and increases the trailer’s effectiveness, while keeping the costs low.

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