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Dragon Domain: Magic, Suspense and Wiccan Magic: An Excerpt

Awakening the Dragon--Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy (978-0-9798406-0-9) is a story of magic, suspense and karmic justice combine in a tale of horror. Rachael moves to Coyote Springs to find a home and open her bookstore. Instead, she becomes the catalyst in exposing a murder and the target of a violent cult. She is forced to awaken her dragon spirit prematurely to save herself and all she loves. Will she be able to control the power of the dragon as it rises giving her the power to save all she loves or will the flames from within destroy her?


Cheyenne awoke to the hundreds of tiny shooting pains on her face and arms. How long she had been asleep, she didn’t know. Vaguely she remembered being awaken, sometimes just to talk, other times to eat. Once Lilith helped her to the bathroom. The bandages still covered her eyes. She reached up and touched them.
Out of the darkness, a hand gently encircled hers. “Shush.” Jane whispered. “It’s okay.”
“Jane?” Startled, Cheyenne reached out with her other hand. “You’re back already?”
“I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you.” Jane’s voice quivered. “I’m never seemed to be when you need me.”
“It’s not as bad as it looks.” Cheyenne felt the mattress beside her sink under Jane’s weight. “Did you find what you needed?”
Suddenly Jane burst into tears. “I’m sorry! It’s all my fault! Cheyenne you have to forgive me.”
Someone ran into the room. “Jane? You didn’t tell her?” The voice was Lilith’s.
“What’s going on?” Cheyenne demanded, sitting up. There was something more going on.
Jane snuffled. “She has to know.”
“Tell me what?”
The mattress sank on the other side of her. “Cheyenne.” Lilith took her free hand. “You have to try to stay calm. There was nothing we could do.”
“Nothing--” Suddenly Cheyenne panicked. “Where are Mercury and Aries? Aries! Mercury! Come!” She tried to slap her leg, but both women held on to her hands. She struggled to free herself.
“Cheyenne stop!” Jane cried. “Aries is outside. He’s fine”
Startled, Cheyenne stopped struggling. “Where’s Mercury?”
Lilith rubbed the inside of her arm. “I’m sorry. His heart...his heart just stopped. It was in his sleep last night.” She added quickly. “There wasn’t any pain.”
Cheyenne felt herself go cold from the inside out. Behind the bandages, the tears welled up and burned down her cheeks. The air wouldn’t go into her lungs. She gasped for breath. The pressure increased. Her chest hurt.
“I’m going to take him to be cremated later this morning.” Jane whispered. “We wanted to tell you first.”
“I want to see him. Take the bandages off.”
“But Lady Margretta said--”
Cheyenne cut off Jane. “Take them off!” She jerked down her hands, freeing them both and yanked at the front of the bandages, but only succeeded in pulling her head forward.
“Okay. Okay.” Lilith conceded, grabbing her hands. “I’ll do it. Jane go get Lady Margretta.”
Immediately Jane jumped up and ran from the room.
On the left side, something was pulled free and the pressure around her head lessened as the bandage was unwound.
“Keep your eyes closed.” Lilith ordered. “It’s nearly off.”
She felt the end of the bandage touch her shoulder and the pads on her eyes being removed. Ignoring Lilith‘s order, she opened her eyes. The brightness startled her and she closed them again. Without waiting for them to adjust, she flung back the blankets and felt for the edge of the bed. “Where is he?” Her eyes fluttered as they adjusted to the light. The pressure on her chest increased. She stood. The room spun around her. Her knees started to buckle beneath her. She didn’t care. It was her fault. She should have been there for them.
“He’s downstairs. Let me help you.” Lilith pleaded. “It wasn’t anybody’s fault!”
“Yes it is!” Cheyenne screamed. “It’s mine!”
Harshly Lilith grabbed her and spun her around. “No! Don’t you even think that! It isn’t your fault. It theirs--Celeste and Dominic’s. They caused this to happen. Not you!”
Lilith’s words were lost in a tornado of would-da, could-da, should-da--but didn’t do. Snapshots of all the missed opportunities to prevent it--but she had listened with her heart to Celeste’s promises when every other sense and intuition screamed against it. She had listened and Mercury paid with his life. He trusted and loved her; she failed him. Her knees folded; she landed on them with a thud. She didn’t feel it. The pain in her chest out matched it. She shivered. The room dimmed around her. Her hands and feet went numb.
Somewhere far away, Lilith yelled for Lady Margretta. Footstep ran in the direction. There were voices; they called to her. It didn’t matter. She had to find Mercury.
Suddenly something cold nuzzled her check and whined. Through the shifting haze, she saw Aries. He alternated between lying across her lap and nudging her in the face with his nose. She felt his fear. He licked her face. His tongue was warm on her skin.
The two realms over lapped. In the doorway, Mercury’s spirit sat, watching them. His tail wagged. He crossed the room, walking though Jane’s legs, and joined with her. He was inside her and she could hear his thoughts. He told her how much he loved her and Aries. It had been his time to go, not hers. He begged her to stay. Aries still needed her. The others, who loved her, still needed her. He promised to come back. But now he had to go through processing. Whatever happened, he would always be grateful for the time they spent together and would be there to greet both of them when it was their turn to cross over. She tried to hold on to his spirit--to keep him inside her. He transformed from the dog into his true form of a loving soul of light. He kissed her forehead and released her. Backing away, he smiled and disappeared.
Cheyenne felt empty and alone, lost between the two worlds. Her body began to weaken from the stress. She saw the cord that kept her connected. It would be so easy to snap it. Aries whined. Without words, he asked why she wanted to leave him alone. Mercury had left. Didn’t she love him too? Yes, she cried, dropping her own cord and wrapping her arms around him. Her whole body became hot then cold only to become hot again. She opened her eyes. The room was crystal clear again. There was something over her face. She tried to push it off.
“No. No.” Lady Margretta whispered. “It’s oxygen. Just breath. You‘ll be okay. We‘re going to take you to the hospital.“
Unable to talk, Cheyenne shook her head. She reached out and found fur. Aries licked her hand and laid across her stomach.
“No. You have to go.”
Aries growled, exposing his teeth. The hair raised on the back of his neck.
“Aries. Come.” April reached for him.
He snapped, finding her forearm. She screamed. Jane pulled her back and wrapping her arm in a towel to stop the already dripping blood.
“Aries!” Lilith scolded. Just as quickly, her voice softened. “Aries. We just want to help your mommy. She is very sick. If you don’t let us help her, she will go to Mercury. “
Aries growled, refusing to give ground.
“Aries. Please. You know me.” Jane knelt before him. “I love Cheyenne. Please let us help her. I can’t be without her either.”
“No. Wait.” Gripping her injury with her free hand, April suddenly shook her head, her eyes blinking rapidly. “If she leaves the farm, they’ll find her.”
“Who--” Lilith answered her own question. “Celeste and Dominic?”
“No matter what happens. We all have to stay here.”
“I can’t.” Lady Margretta knelt beside April and examined the bite. “I’m on call. Two women are due in the next couple of days. If I get a call. I go. April, you’re going to need stitches. Not many. Two or three.”
“Oh, great!”
“I can do them.”
Jane looked up at April. “You can’t be serious. Lady Bridget, Shelly and I are due to meet some people from out west this afternoon.”
April’s voice took on a deadly serious tone. “If you leave the farm, I get the feeling you’ll die.”
“Okay. Okay.” Lilith injected. “Everybody stays. What can we do for Cheyenne? We can’t just leave her on the floor!”
Lady Margretta snorted. “Like at this moment we have a choice?”
“Yes. We do.” Lilith walked around and stood in Aries direct line of sight. “Aries. Help me get your mommy back to bed. She’s staying. And so are all of us. We need you to protect her. Understand?”
After a moment, he relaxed his guard and shifted his weight off Cheyenne. Slowly Lilith moved forward and lifted Cheyenne back into bed, covering her back with the sheet. Immediately, Aries jumped up and laid down beside her.
“Good boy.” Lilith reached out and stroked his head.
He licked her palm and stretched out beside Cheyenne.
Feeling the warmth of his body next to her, Cheyenne relaxed. The pain in her chest ease but did not go away. Breathing became easier and deeper.
Lady Margretta brought a glass of water and a couple of gel capsules to her. “Take these. It’s valerian root. You need to sleep.”
Cheyenne pushed her hand away. “What about Mercury?” Her voice was a mere whisper.
Lady Margretta looked to the other.
“I’ll make sure his body is taken to the vet. I know you want his ashes back.” Jane stepped closer to the bed. “Before he leaves, I cut some of hair for you.”
“I want to see him.”
Jane shook her head. “You don’t have the strength to come down. I promise you. He was peaceful. There wasn’t any pain for him. “
Lilith sat down beside her and brushed her hair from her cheek. “Really sweetie. I walked into the kitchen and started tea. I didn’t even know he was gone until he didn’t get up with Aries. It was too late to call the vet.”
Cheyenne nodded and accepted the pills. Until the water touched her lips, she hadn’t realized how thirsty she was. She drained the glass.
Lady Margretta took the empty glass from her. “More?”
“Yes. Please.”
Moments later, the glass was refilled and returned to her. Before she finished drinking it, the herb had already begun to take effect. Her body relaxed into the mattress and her eyelids closed. The air mask shifted back into position. She drifted into the nothingness of the chemically induced sleep. There were no dreams. No emotional confusion. Only the emptiness to surround her and keep her company.
Briefly, she would rise to consciousness. Once a young woman, she didn’t know, stood beside the bed. Her hair was long and dark; she smile was full of love. One of her hands rested above Cheyenne’s heart; the other on her solar plexus. Her skin beneath her hands felt hot.
“Shush,” The young woman whispered. “I’m Shelly. Jane’s friend. Let me help restore you. It’s a combination of Reiki techniques. Don’t worry. You can’t drain me. It’s the universe’s energy. I’m just directing it where you need it.”
Cheyenne shifted in the bed. The air mask had been removed. Aries still lay beside her. She tried to thank her, but sleep once again drew her downward. Time was irrelevant. How long she slept, she didn’t know. In the distance, she heard the phone ring several times. She’d surface briefly, only to dive back under when it was answered. It seemed the phone was more active than normal. It was an important piece of information. Cheyenne wondered why...the thought was lost before it was completed.
The phone rang again, only this time she came fully to the surface. The last shadows of twilight stretched out across the bed. Within a few moments, they would fade into the darkness of night. Aries no longer lay beside her. For an instant, she panicked, only to have her fears relieved with his familiar barking outside in the yard. Shelly giggled and called his name. Happily barking he answered. Cheyenne recognized the sounds of play; it brought a sad smile to her lips. She was grateful for Aries strength, yet sad that Mercury had gone beyond. It was all different. Nothing would ever be the same. There was emptiness in her heart where Mercury had lived. She remembered telling someone once that the emptiness would only remain as long as you mourned what you lost, instead of being grateful for what you had. They were foolish and cruel words, she thought; what was I thinking?
It wasn’t you. Came the immediate answer. It was me speaking though you to another child of light who needed comfort. The voice was the one she heard when her hands touched the earth and when she asked for healing advice. So now I say to you. Cheyenne, child of my heart, you have lost nothing. The love and joy you shared remains within you. As always, his spirit will never be far from you or you from him. His lessons were learned and it was time for him to move to his next task. If in hadn’t been now, it would have been soon. I will bring others to you who will need your love and wisdom. Do not let the pain you feel now deprive you and other of the bounty of love in your heart.
“Spirit Mother.” Cheyenne reached with her spirit. “I am grateful, yet--”
I know child. No other words were said, yet the meaning was so clear. No matter what she felt, the endless supply of unconditional love would continue to flow to her and through her.
She sighed and tossed off the blankets. The cool air awakened her further. Stretching, she sat up. The room spun once, but immediately settled. Her feet touched the floor; it was still slightly warm from the sun. Stumbling and weaving, she made her way to the bathroom. Standing and washing her hands, she got a look at herself in the mirror. The sight shocked her. Her hair was damp with sweat. The dark circles made it look like she had two black eyes, which was made to look more extreme by the paleness of her skin. Her mouth had a pasty taste. Without thinking, she reached for her toothbrush and paste. Quickly brushing, she turned on the shower, letting it run until steam seeped through the slightly open door. Quickly stripping, she stepped into the hot stream and closed the door. The water massaged her; it felt good. The steam filled the shower stall. She breathed it is as deeply as her sore chest would allow. She was no longer in pain, but the prolonged fight to breathe had left a dull ache behind. Shaking her head, she forced herself to think of other things. She couldn’t get stuck.
Reaching for the shampoo, she quickly lathered. Pain shot through her scalp and face as the soap seeped into her cuts. For an instant, anger flared; how could she have misjudged Celeste so much, for so long? Stepping back, she rinsed and rubbed conditioner in the short strands. She wasn’t sure who she was angrier with Celeste or herself. Picking up the soap, she lathered the sponge and gently washed herself. The texture of the natural sponge stimulated her senses, but it also irritated all the tiny cuts on her face and upper body. She focused on the pain, forcing it to awaken her endorphins. Breathing deep, she let the pain flow out of her with the water running down her body. She began feel more like herself. She slowly rinsed and turned off the water. Her skin tingled. Her stomach growled. It was time to get back to business. She opened the shower door and stumble on her way out. Rubbing her big toe, she smiling at herself, thinking so much for declaration of strength. Quickly she dried and wrapped her hair in a towel. At least her hair no long hung out and dripped, she consoled herself. She dressed and slowly walked downstairs. Hearing voices in the kitchen, she followed them. She turned the corner, but stopped out of sight. She didn’t know why.
Jane and April sat at the table. Lilith leaned against the sink. A woman she didn’t know paced between them; her hands moved as she talked. The voices were too low to understand their words, yet there was definite tension between them. The phone rang; Jane jumped up and answered before the second ring.
“No.” Her voice rose in tone and pitch. “She isn’t here. Did you try Rachael’s? She likes to hide there.”
Lisa? Something was wrong. Cheyenne stepped into full view. “What’s wrong with Lisa?”
Startled, Jane nearly dropped the phone. “She’s missing.”
April stood. “You should be in bed.”
“I’ve slept long enough. How long has she been missing?”
The voice on the other end, yelled for Jane. She returned her attention to the person at the other end. “Yes. She just came downstairs...I’ll tell her.... Yes. We’ll look around.... I will. You call too. Right. Bye.” She hung up the receiver. “That was Carmen. They still can’t find her. She went off with Melanie late this morning. No one has seen her since. I told Carmen, we’d look around the farm again.”
“Ok.” Lilith pushed off from counter. “Everybody but you.” She pointed at Cheyenne. “You maybe vertical and coherent, but you still look like death warmed over.”
“Good. I’d hate to feel this bad and no one notice. I’m hungry. What’s to eat that is fast and not eggs or pancakes?” Turning her attention to the new comer, Cheyenne held out her hand. “Hi. I’m Cheyenne. Who are you?”
Smiling and clicking her tongue on her teeth, Bridget accepted her hand. “Bridget. We met earlier but you probably don’t remember. Shelly and I took turns working on you.”
“I vaguely remember Shelly.”
Bridget nodded. “She said you chatted briefly. She’s outside with Aries. He’s a good dog. He only left your side, when he really had to go.”
Cheyenne nodded. “Where’s Mercury’s body?”
“At the vet.” Bridget continued. “Shelly and I took him. We also did some shopping--.”
“Why are you here?” Cheyenne cut her off.
“Cheyenne?” Jane intervened. “She came with me.”
“No.” Lady Bridget motioned for her to be silent. “I understand.” She turned back to Cheyenne. “I am here because you inherited a problem that we didn’t take care of when we had the chance.” She shifted her weight from one foot to another. “Shelly and I are here to help you take care of the problem you shouldn’t have had.”
Cheyenne licked her lips and met her gaze. “Our problem isn’t all your responsibility. We had a problem,” she glanced at Jane, “we just didn’t know it.”
Jane slowly nodded. “Only you saw it, but no one wanted to believe you.”
Cheyenne realized she had a choice; she could dwell on all their mistakes, including her own, or she could forgive them both and not piddle their energy away on guilt. She already knew Mercury still loved her; he did not hold her responsible. The Goddess didn’t. Why should she? And if she wasn’t, then neither was Jane. She cleared her throat. “Jane, neither you nor I caused Mercury to die. It wasn’t our fault. I don’t blame you and neither does he.”
Blinking rapidly tears filled Jane’s eyes, quickly over-flowing on to her cheeks. “I thought you would hate me.”
Slowly Cheyenne shook her head.
“You’d have every reason to.”
“No. If I hated you. I would have to hate myself.”
“Why? You tried to stop them.”
“But I didn’t do enough.”
“Because I stopped you.”
“No!” Cheyenne snapped. “Listen. I am the sole owner of the farm. All the decisions were ultimately mine. I chose to listen and believe her as long as I did. From the very beginning, I had bad feelings about him. But I didn’t listen to them. If only--”
“If only,” Lady Bridget cut it. “If, would have, should have...could have. If we get stuck second guessing--20-20 hindsight then we will make the same mistakes.”
“Ok.” April injected. “We need to focus on the problems at hand. Which is finding the little girl, feeding you,” she pointed at Cheyenne, “and preparing for whatever they are going to pull next. Cause you know they aren’t done.”
“Agreed.” Lilith picked up the thought. “I’ll send Aries back in to guard the walking wounded. April could you stay as well, you qualify. You’re also the best cook. Feed the woman while the rest of us will have a look about the farm.”
April encircle the bandaged part of her arm with her other hand. “What makes you think they’ll come here?”
“Intuition. Paranoia.”
“And tonight is full moon.” Bridget planned her hands on her hips. “He was always more active for the three days--one before, the night of and the day after.” She quickly added. “This time we have the advantage. Actually several. He doesn’t know Shelly and I are here. Plus,” she smiled, “we brought more friends.”
“Enlighten us.” April opened the refrigerator and pulled out the package of hamburger.
“No!” Jane cut in. “We don’t know for sure they’re here or when they’ll be here. As a matter of fact, they may not come at all.”
“Jane?” Bridget’s eyebrow rose. “Do you know something I don’t?”
Her head tilting slightly, Jane focused on the brown eyes. “I got a phone call while you were looking at the farm. Things changed.”
They had a connection. Cheyenne felt it. For some reason, they were holding something back.
“Ok. We’ll pair up in teams.” Lady Bridget dropped the topic. “Lilith and Shelly. Jane and me. That way each team knows what we’re looking for.”
“I only saw her once.” Lilith contradicted.
“More than me or Shelly.” Bridget clapped her hands together. “Head’em up and move’em out.”
Without waiting, Jane headed for the door, closely followed by Bridget. Lilith shrugged and followed. She opened the door and Aries came in; she scratched his head on the way out.
“Aries. Come to momma.” Cheyenne sat at the table and patted her lap. He crossed the room and sat in front of her. Scratching his ears, she suddenly felt safe. She looked up and smiled at April. “So what are you going to make?”
April’s attention was focused on the closed door. She seemed different. Her appearance hadn’t changed, yet there was something about her that had been altered.
Slowly her head turned to look at Cheyenne. There was something about her eyes. The bright light of her spirit seemed dimmer than before.
Suddenly Cheyenne felt awkward. They had known each other only a short time and now the woman before seemed like a complete stranger. Instinctively she pulled Aries closer. “If you look in the freezer,” she pointed to the pantry, “there are some bags of goulash. We always made extra and froze it in individual portions. They make good, quick meals.” Her eyes made her uncomfortable, but she dare not look away. “You just put them in a pan with a little water and put a cover on it. The steam...” Suddenly she ran out of things to say.
Blinking rapidly, April open and closed her fist. Breathing in sharply she stood up. “I need to get some fresh air. I’ll be right back.” Without waiting for a reply, she ran out the back door, allowing it to slam shut behind her.
Aries licked her hand and whined.
“It’s okay.” She said it, but Cheyenne didn’t believe it. For a moment, she walked the closed door; part of her wanted to lock it. It wasn’t logical but it was the way she felt. She had learned to trust her feelings. Slowly she stood and walked to the door.
April paced in the spotlight in the middle of the backyard, angrily talking to herself. Her one hand alternated between massaging and scratching at her shoulder. She looked up; their eyes met. There were stress lines around them that hadn’t been there moments before. “I can’t stay.” She yelled.
“Why?” Cheyenne asked, but still reached for the door lock and turned it.
“I just can’t”
Lilith stepped out of the tack room. She was barely visible in the rapidly growing darkness. “What’s going on?”
April spun around. “I have to go.”
“Why!” Lilith demanded, marching across the distance between them. But she stopped short when she was close enough to see April’s eyes. “What happened? Your eyes?” She reached out to touch her.
April stepped backward out of Lilith reach. “I don’t feel alone. You were talking about the girl and I felt something ugly touch my shoulder. I couldn‘t make it go away. I came inside me. I could see her. I don‘t know her but I knew it was her. They have her. She is so afraid.”
“Do you know where she is?
“I can see it.”
“Can you describe it?”
April nodded.
“Shelly!” Lilith yelled. “Shelly!”
The young woman appeared in the coral doorway. “What? Did you find her?”
“Maybe. Get Jane and your mother!”
“Will do!” Shelly ran into the darkness toward the storage sheds.
“It’s so hard.” April began to tremble. “It’s so strong.” She looked toward Cheyenne. “I had to leave. It wanted me to hurt you.”
The threesome ran across the lawn and joined them the circles of light.
“We have a problem.” Lilith began quickly.
“An understatement.” April folded her arms across her chest, holding herself close.
“He’s touched you!” Bridget cut in. “And his darkness got in. I can see it.”
“I have control now.” Tears welled up in April’s eyes. “I don’t know for how long.”
“They have the child.” Lilith continued. “She can see where.”
“Celeste and Dominic? Why do they want her?” Jane stepped closer to April.
April again retreated. “They need her.” Her teeth chattered. She dug her nails into her upper arms. “It’s getting hard. They are gathering their energy.” She spasmed and dropped to her knees. “He lost something that bound him to a blood oath. They are going to replace it.” Sweat ran down her cheeks mixing with her tears. “It is a sacrificial knife.”
“Lisa!” Jane shouted. “He wouldn’t. She’s his niece!”
“Not any more.”
“Where are they?” Lilith cut in. “Tell us!”
“It’s near a high energy source. Not a main lay line, but the junction of two smaller ones.”
“There are several.” Cheyenne contributed from the house, still unwilling to join the circle outside. “There is a quarry, about twenty miles north of here. It was abandoned in the sixties when the water filled it faster than it could be pumped out. There’s also a valley about five miles southwest. There are several ground springs, which combine to feed into the Manistee River. There is a small island where they meet. The island is a safe haven. It’s been said land bridge rises up to give safe passage to those who have a pure heart.”
“And the spirit of the river will reach out and drag the dark heart down into the mud.” Jane interjected. “I remember hearing the story. It’s was part of an Ottawa burial ground, but now its part of Leonard farm. “
“There is another place. The last acres of old growth trees. In the center, there is a very powerful natural circle. You are either welcomed or the forest chase you away.“ Cheyenne continued. “It’s here.”
“That’s how Cheyenne and I met.” Lilith piped in. “I was driving through town and it called to me.”
“But it refused Celeste and me.” Jane stated bitterly. “After two attempts, I gave up. Celeste kept trying until a tree nearly dropped on her. “
“It was something she resented me for. “ Cheyenne added.
“Did she ever make it to the inner circle?” Bridget asked.
Jane and Cheyenne looked to each other. They shook their heads.
“They will go there.” April’s voice quivered. “But not now. I see an old house. It was blue once but now the paint has flaked away. There are two sheds.” Her body shook. “One was small. No paint. The larger was painted to match the house. But not good. It’s also faded.” Her hands dropped from her chest to the ground. “There is a windmill. It’s rusted. There were three field planted. The corn died.” She gasped for breath.
“I know where that it!” Jane shouted. “It’s the Leonard Farm.”
“I can’t stop them.” April collapsed onto the ground. Her fingers dug through the grass into the dirt beneath. Her voice became a low unintelligible growl. Her back arched and she fell unconsciously to the ground.
“Don’t touch her!” Lady Bridget screamed. “She’ll infect you!”
“We have to help her!” Lilith snapped back, reaching for April.
“No!” Bridget shoved her back. “There‘s nothing we can do. It’s up to her. She’ll fight and live or she lose and die. But it’s up to her. If you touch her, they’ll do the same to you, through her.” She spun her around so their eyes met. “As long as she fights, they can’t take over. But if they drain your life force through her, you both will die.”
“What about Lisa?” Jane snapped. “We have to save her!”
“Yes, Mother please.” Shelly stepped back into the light.
Slowly nodding, Bridget released Lilith. “You and I will get the others.”
“You’ll never find the farm.” Jane stepped between them. “You don’t know the area. The area is difficult to find.”
Cheyenne opened the door and stepped out. “Jane, you can’t leave.”
“She right!” Lilith agreed.
“How much time does Lisa have?” Jane countered. “Could any of you sleep well knowing we didn’t do anything? I’ll call Sammy and take you to the farm. She’ll meet us there.”
“Do nothing!” Jane cut Cheyenne off. “You can barely stand.” She pointed at Lilith. “You have to protect Cheyenne,” she hesitated, “and make sure they don’t do any damage through her.” She pointed at April. “We’ll meet up with Sammy and the others.”
“What others?” Lilith demanded.

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