Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Virtual Book Tour: Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Tips

Join Theresa Chaze, author of the nonfiction ebook, From Blank Page to Book Shelves: How to Successfully Create and Market Your Book, as she virtually tours the blogosphere in April on her second virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!

Theresa Chaze has been described as the woman who plays with dragons, especially the dragons of the mind. She leads her readers to magical realms and others worlds. Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can live together in peace as long as we come from respect, not only for ourselves but those who follow different paths or beliefs. Whether fiction or non-fiction, Ms Chaze uses her talent to help others find the path to healing and take back their own power. Her work has been compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey with an adult version of Harry Potter mixed in. Theresa Chaze's major works so far include the first two novels of the Dragon Clan Trilogy (Awakening the Dragon and Dragon Domain) , a Wiccan Book of Shadows, Out of the Shadows, and Into the Light, From Blank Page to Book Shelves--How to Successfully Create and Market Your Book and a free fantasy ebook called, Sisters, Mother, Daughters. She is also a publishing consultant and publicist who helps authors successful publish and market their own work. She publishes an ezine called, Messages From the Universe, which is available on her site http://www.theresachaze.com/.

From Blank Page to Book Shelves Synopsis

From Blank Page to Book Shelves--How to Successfully Write and Market Your Book is a new ebook, which give writing tips, publishing advice and marketing tools. From creating unique characters to strong plots, this ebook help authors become stronger writers, while also giving them insight into the business end of the industry. Although there are arch-types, there are no stereotypical characters in successful books. Equally as important is the story structure, plot progression and the conflict development; without a working knowledge of all three the author cannot write a story that will allow the reader to suspend their disbelief. In addition, From Blank Page to Book Shelves helps authors understand the publishing process and aids them to find a publisher that will be beneficial to their career. The last section covers marketing and promotional ideas. From traditional, internet to local, From Blank Page to Book Shelves gives marketing suggestions that are both effective and cost efficient. From Blank Page to Book Shelves--How to Successfully Write and Market Your Book is available as an Amazon Kindle book and on the Theresa Chaze?s website at http://www.theresachaze.com/. Those that buy the ebook from the Chaze will also receive a copy of her 345 page PDF listing of over 2000 independent bookstores for free.
Visit Theresa's first week of tour stops!

April 1 - Theresa kicks off her virtual book tour with a stop at Jen's Creatif blog!
April 2 - Visit Theresa on the second day of her tour at Paperback Writer!
April 3 - Third day of tours finds Theresa at Beyond the Books!
April 4 - Week one wraps up with a stop at Jeffrey Redmond!

Be sure to comment to have a chance to win one of Theresa's books!
FROM BLANK PAGE TO BOOK SHELVES VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR '08 will officially begin on April 1, 2008 and continue all month. If you would like to follow Theresa's tour, visit http://www.virtualbooktours.wordpress.com/ in April. Leave a comment on her blog stops and become eligible to win a free copy at the end of her tour! One lucky winner will be announced on this blog on April 30!
Theresa's virtual book tour is brought to you by Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tours at http://www.pumpupyourbookpromotion.com/ and choreographed by Dorothy Thompson.

"We take books to the virtual level!"

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