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Tarot Energy Reading for March 2008

Tarot Energy Reading for March 2008


Theresa Chaze

The energy for March 2008 will be mixed and confusing on every level. Many who sought Divine enlightenment will find that they were deceived by darkness masquerading as light. Instead of ascending into the Divine wisdom, they have become obsessed with their own spiritual growth and like Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection, so their egos are becoming overly impressed with their mystical gifts. Instead of sharing their love and light with others, they brag and boast about their new connections; just like those who those who seek power for the sake of power, they will never truly find what they search for.

The energy we will bring in to March is represented by the High Priest. Those who seek to know the truth will find the balance between their truth and the truth of others. As others mirror our challenges, we need to find patience, forgiveness and understanding for them, as it is the only way we will be able to find it for ourselves. Many have chosen not to question, but to blindly follow beliefs or traditions not because that is what is in their heart, but they fear being ostracized. It is easier to go along to get along than to have the courage to pull back their curtain and expose the man behind it. They would rather listen the booming voice and relinquish their power than risk standing alone. Yet there continue to be exceptions to this trend. Those who have been following their own path will not be turned back nor will they give into the fear mongering of others. As in the Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella, they refuse to listen to the sensible people and continue wishing for their dreams to come true. It is this courage that will draw fairy godparents into their lives to create the miracles they have been wishing for.

March is represented by the seven of pentacles. It is a time of growth and potential growth, depending on how open each person is to change. Miracles will happen for those who have the courage to see beyond the disappoint and the anger over what we have lost. It is not a time for stubbornness or decisions made from fear. But a time of courage and resolve as we open our heart and lives to blessings. Many of us who have had their hearts and minds in conflict will resolve the issues in such a way that they well find peace. In doing so, they will tear down the barriers, which have kept their blessings from arriving. The work and sacrifice is done; it is time to accept the rewards. However, those who chose the path of fear will continue to find disappoints as the universe creates what they have been envisioning. Worldly wants and responsibilities still need to be met, yet the means to the end will be determined on the by the faith and courage within each of us.

The energy that we will carry out of March is the ten of cups. It is the sharing of blessing and dreams. As each of us has our wishes granted, so we are able to open our hearts and grant others the same gift. Literally, our cups will over flow to fill others with hope and new possibilities. Partnerships will be created. Blessing will be shared. Gratitude and generosity will be the keywords of those who trust. The lotus is opening early for those who are able to learn and grow through their old issues and wounds. They will be the beacons to the others who have the eyes to see and the nerve to follow their example. It is not the same path or destiny they will share, but the ability to chart their own course and create their own destiny.

The energy challenge we will all face is the Fool. We are at the crossroads. One path leads to courage and leadership. The other to closed eyes and minds as we blindly follow old teachings just because of tradition. The choice will be to learn or to become stagnant. This is the energy of free will and self determination. Those who choose independence will find the blessings they seek for they have learned from their mistakes and are willing to move forward on their spiritual path. Those who chose to continue on the same path will also arrive at a goal, but it is not the one they envisioned. Closed minds lead to closed heart. A closed heart cannot share in the love and hope that is freely offered to all. It is a circular pattern of behavior and beliefs that can only be broken by having the courage to accept change.

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