Friday, February 29, 2008

Choosing the Best SEO Keywords

There are many sites, including Yahoo and Google, that have listing of the current popular key words. However, adding a phrase that has nothing to do with your topic will only annoy people and discount your credibility. If the key words have nothing to do with your site or subject matter, do not use them. Instead, be creative in the way you combine terms and topics to create your own niche market.

The following are three suggestions how effectively use key words for your project.
1. Include the most descriptive and accurate keywords on your topic even if they are not the most popular. By doing so you not only build a good foundation, but also cast a wider net for your customers to find you. Although your ranking might not spike, you will have a consistent rise in the rankings.

2. Use qualifiers to be more specific such as: romantic fantasy, occult horror, Michigan mystery, etc. It is way to catch the attention of a reader who might be looking for something more specific than just a fantasy or mystery book.

3. Create your own niche keywords or markets that haven't been made popular yet. By creating your own combination, you create a brand name that is all your own, thereby creating a market place that has little competition.

Using the previously listed sites, can also find you suggestions on which key word options will be the most beneficial to your project. By typing in the word “publishing”, the site came up with the following keywords list ranked by popularity.

412 desktop publishing
373 publishing
252 publishing companies
225 self publishing
171 southwestern publishing
158 book publishing
133 book publishing companies
130 rock publishing
117 music publishing
114 concordia publishing

These are only the first ten of the 100 possible listings. However, it is sufficient sampling to demonstrate the different combinations available for just the one key word.
Correct usage and placement of key words not only increases your search engine rankings, but can also create a personalized niche market for your product.

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