Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Glass Ceilings and Forward Momentum: It's Time for the Old Goats to Find an Iceburg

Just looking at the line of candidate proves that one or more of the glass ceilings is going to be shattered by the end of 2008. The Republican candidates are dried up, old white men who are propagating the same old ideas, while the Democratic team is fresh, young and inventive; Clinton and Obama represent gender and ethic advancements that will revolutionize and reenergize the country for decades, while Edwards support of the middle and low class will change the focus will lead to economic and social change.

With the exception of Ron Paul, the Republican candidates are touting their version of Reagan economics. The famous trickle down theory give tax breaks and financial support to the upper 5-10%, in hope that the money would trickle down the lower end of the financial spectrum. In reality, the theory should be called the pissed on theory. The upper 5-10% eat caviar and drink champaign, while the rest of the country is expected to consume their waste. By working from the top down with tax cuts and economic support, jobs and financial stability is not created for the whole of the country. It just creates extra wealth for the few. Working from the bottom up, by provide economic stimulus in the form of tax cuts, education, job training and benefit support, people will have the money to pay for services and goods, which in turn will create jobs. The top three of the Democratic candidates support programs that work from the least of us upward. They don’t base their economic growth programs on the generosity of the few. Instead, their goal is to create the opportunities to give a hand up, instead of handout.

Social issues also radically separate the two parties. While the Republicans are emphasizing their religious affiliation, along with the social and moral restrictions of their beliefs, the Democrats are socially, morally and ethically aware of the individual. Once again, the Republicans are courting the religious right as way to regain the White House. The Right wingers are looking for a candidate who will continue to spread their bigotry and religious view point; most continue to seek to change this country from a democracy to a theocracy. They seek to limit the individual’s right to medical, religious, and life style freedoms by forcing others to conform to their religious values. The Democrats on the other hand are seeking to stay out of the individual’s private life by focusing on creating jobs, protecting the environment, and creating homeland security by regaining the country’s honor and the respect of other nations. With the democrats, civil liberties would be respected, as will the right to privacy. They have better things to do than to spy on the citizens of this country; in short, they don’t care who others have sex with or in what position. They have more important issues on their plate.

The same elected officials, who screeched war was the answer, are the same ones who are under-funding the physical, emotional and spiritual support the returning veterans. The extended tours, the quick rotation back to the sandbox and the lack of proper protective gear, have done more damage to the troops than the enemy could have imagined in their wildest dreams. PTS, lost of limbs, and closed head injures have affected an overwhelming number of the veterans. They are no longer to are capable of providing for themselves, yet the government has refused to step up to the plate and provide the needed care. According the VA statistics, 200,000 vets are currently homeless. The universal health care programs that are proposed by the Democrats would not only help every American, but would give the vets the care they need. But in order to for the vets to reclaim their lives, they will need not only medical support but economic during their healing process. They supported their country; it is time for the country to return the favor.

The Republicans have not devised a comprehensive plan to withdraw troops. Instead, they repeat the battle cry and send more troops into harms way. They point fingers and label those who seek political alternatives as unpatriotic. They claim that that the only way to keep the country safe is to win the war. That is a medieval concept. No one wins war, there are only varying degrees of loosing. In addition, their concept of winning is unreasonable. It is impossible to force another country to become democratic. The definition of democratic is a government that is has free and equal participation by the people. It is for the natives to chose their form of government, not an occupying force. All of the Democratic candidates had exit strategies that involve diplomatic resolutions instead of brut force. It is childish to think that bullying others will lead to long term change. It only create new enemies.

The question every voter must ask her or himself is what kind of future do you want for yourself and future generations. Republican candidates represent status quo and stagnation. The are for the corporate conglomerates, which have All three front running contenders for the Democratic party represent positive change for all Americans not just the limited few. They represent diversity and equality. The difference between the candidates is forward momentum and the lack there of.

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