Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stacy Peterson

May this information be directed to whoever can make the best use of it to achieve justice, while protecting me from harm. Stacy Peterson is dead; she was killed because she finally found the information she needed to free herself and her children. It was in a small metal box tucked away in an attic or crawl space. It contained the documentation his third wife was saving to protect her children and the trophies he took from two other women. Anna or Abigail with the last name that starts with a B--the name is short. The second woman was named Margaret or Margretta. Her last name was a Latino or Spanish. They were also murdered because they rejected him. Both were affairs during his first marriage. Anna lived in a down northeast approximately 15-20 miles. Margaret was closer and from southeast. All three bodies are buried on a friend/brother's land. His name is Mark, Marc, or Marcus. They are twins in every way but blood. They started together, but Marc left and started his own company. I see heavy equipment. It looks like it could be use for construction, but instead it deconstruction --it is used to tear down and remove. It is a rural setting on the other side of the cemetery. Vine road or Drive. The house is a white ranch with dark shutter and attached garage on 20-22 acres of land that backs up to National forest or land otherwise set aside for public use. The numbers 284 are involved. The bodies are located 3/4 mile straight back from the garage, just after a line of trees.

A female family member from each of the third and fourth wives came accidentally together near the third wife's gave. Stacy's "sister" came to ask for her help in finding Stacy. The other woman visits often. They comforted each other and shared information. But more importantly, they prayed to the Virgin Mary together. One prayed for the truth to be revealed. The other prayed for Stacy to be found. Both vowed to light a candle to her for the rest of their lives if their prayers would be answered. She heard and are senting them both white roses as a sign.

She says:
I was the white rose born without thorns
when my petals drop they will awaken the storm.
The truth you hid deep in the night
now shall be revealed with truth's own light.

When they go to the place, they need to carry a white rose. They will find who they seek when the petals fall.

The "chief" doesn't have as much control as he thinks. Most don't want to know. But there are two who are actively hiding the truth. The woman is in the lab. She was to be wife number five. She is the source of the contamination. Her name is androgynous--Jan or Jamie. Short brown hair, hazel to blue eyes, young, pretty in her own right, but not beautiful. The other is higher up and remains in the shadows. He is younger but has more authority; his ego bullies and controls others with threats and promises. He does what he does not out of friendship but to protect his political ambition.

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