Monday, August 06, 2007

A Magical Fantasy Novel of Suspense, Horror and Real Wiccan Rituals
Dragon Domain--Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy

My name is Cheyenne. As a toddler, my broken and dying body was tossed in the desert like yesterday’s trash. Under the blazing sun, my spirit started to drift away until a shadow suddenly blocked the burning orb. Celeste found me and brought me back. Before that moment nothing remained. I became the daughter the Goddess had not blessed her womb with; she became my mother, my mentor and friend. Together we wandered, drifting without roots to wherever the Goddess sent us. As I grew, she taught me the ways of the Earth until the Dragons came to claim me. Celeste was not pleased but she accepted my decision to follow the path of the Dragon Spirit.

Although I longed for a home, a special place of peace and tranquility, Celeste kept us moving. We used our psychic gifts to support ourselves; that is how we came to Coyote Springs. It was here the Goddess answered my prayers; she led me to a very special farm. I refused to leave. Reluctantly Celeste stayed. With our new friend, Jane we built a spiritual sanctuary. I finally found peace and safety among those who I though loved me.

We were happy until he came; an old love from Celeste‘s past appeared on our door. Rapidly the darkness of the night brought terror as sacrificial blood was shed. I tried to warn her. Celeste refused to listen. She let him in. He wanted to steal everything--my home, my property, my loved ones, and my life. No one was safe from his darkness. I called the dragons. The drove him back. But then they joined together in an old evil. Alone he was barely defeated, but now with Celeste’s help and knowledge of all our weakness, how could we possibly stop them from stealing our very souls?

The ebook version of Dragon Domain-Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy can be bought at along with its prequel Awakening the Dragon--Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy, an ebook of Shadows--Out of the Shadows and Into the light and the e-short, Dead Not Gone.

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