Monday, August 13, 2007

Internet Tarot Readings
Theresa Chaze

The internet has opened another option for those who wish to see a glimpse into their future through the Tarot. For decades, readings were done over the telephone; for centuries beyond that, they were done live and in person. However, with the internet and email, tarot readings have gone high tech. It is now possible to ask questions or receive a general reading through email.

Although the in person readings have the advantage of the personal touch, the results of online readings are easier to keep and refer back to at future dates. In addition, by printing up the results, you can create a timeline that tracks your progress toward your goals as well as help you navigate through possible roadblocks. Although everyone has some level of psychic awareness, it always helpful to get a fresh perspective from an unbiased third person. Gifted readers show you how to find all your options and help you to find the best course of action; in doing so, they help you make decisions that are for your best and highest good. The reader is merely a guide to help you find you own path.

Theresa Chaze is a Wiccan Priestess who has twenty years experience reading Tarot. Using her natural born intuitive and empathic gifts, she helps her clients make informed decisions. Her gifts allow her to go beyond the cards to speak to your soul and your guides to get more detailed information. Through her maternal line, she is able to communicate with those who have crossed over; however, she does not guarantee that the dead will be available or willing to speak to the living. Another gift she received from her mother closeness with animals; she is especially intuitive with cats.

Ms. Chaze is available to do online Tarot Readings. Normally she does a double Celtic cross reading, which consist of eight cards plus an over all message card and a timing card. Any additional information she perceives is added, whether she understands it or not. In addition, any cards that jump out of the deck, wanting attention become part of the reading. This general reading gives the questioner whatever information they need the most at the time. She also does a five-card question spread, which focuses on one specific topic. The spread consists of two cards for the past, one for the present and the remaining two speak of the future. Although limited it is beneficial at times when specific information is required. Ms Chaze can be contacted through her site at

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