Saturday, April 23, 2016

Stop speculating about Prince

I hear a whole lot of people speculating about the cause of Prince's death. What I don't hear is a whole lot of facts. Until those are known, they need to shut up

He was anti-drug use his entire life. That's a fact. He changed his shoes because of the hip pain rather than take drugs. I rather suspect that on the way home, he gave into another's advice and took something for the pain. Spiritual people don't react the same as muggles. A small normal dose can O-D them.

I liked Prince's music. But I couldn't be described as a huge fan. I've learned more about him in the past few days than the entire time we were on the planet together. From his music, I knew he was a very spiritual soul. His spirituality and love for the world was reflected in his music as was his knowledge of other realms. The alternative name he chose for that short time came from his home realm and was his soul name.

Why he choose to leave at this time is his business. I just want to say thank you for the music, the light, and the healing you brought to the world.

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