Sunday, September 06, 2015

Veteran Reality Series That Promotes Healing Rather than Bad Behavior

Horses and Heroes is a reality TV series, which promotes healing rather than bad behavior. Although Equine Therapy will be the stage, the focus will remain on the veterans and how their lives as well as those of their families were changed by the physical and emotional challenges brought into their lives by war.

Horses and Heroes has a ready made market with a demographic that crosses all ages, ethnic backgrounds and genders, especially the 18 to 35 year age group, many of which are currently returning from service and are being discharged. Our target audience will also include military personnel, veterans, and their families from past conflicts.

Horses and Heroes is not about pointing fingers or creating a political firestorm. It is a twelve episode TV series that has the possibility of running multiple seasons , which will help military personnel and veterans find a new way to cope with the physical and emotional challenges brought into their lives by war. Equine Therapy does not involve drugs nor lying on a couch and spilling their guts to a therapist. What it does do is help them find new ways to see and react to their emotional triggers. It helps their bodies remember how it used to work. It can't replace what was lost, but it can give them the confidence to see that they are more than the sum of their body parts. Horses and Heroes will give veterans and military personnel the information they need to find alternative healing solutions, which can help lower the suicide rate.

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