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Dear Film Investor,

Dear Film Investor,

With all the industries that are looking for investors, why have you chosen to support film and or television? Yes, it can be profitable, but so are many other kind of businesses. So why have you chosen to risk your money on projects that are solely based on the whims of the audiences?

I chose to be a writer, because telling stories is how my soul breaths. I became a producer and editor to bring quality to those tales. I am a creative with a good business sense. It is this blending from which profitable films and television projects are born.

I would like to speak with you about the qualities that make a successful and profitable film. It's easy to describe the traits in hindsight. Think about your favorite films. Does list contain sequels and remakes or does it have the original movies? If your list is like mine, it contains the original projects. So many filmmakers have been remaking the great films, while I on the other hand want to work with those that made them great.

Audiences are very fickle and unpredictable. Project that shouldn't work by the numbers some times are the biggest successes, while those, who should be the big hits, flop at the box office. That is the name of the game. The summer of 2014 was cold and rainy, which should have driven people to the box office, yet it was the worse in 20 years. The studios keep making excuses and pointing at reasons that were out of their control. This year they are bragging about the big box office receipts, but are their films really as popular as they are claiming when you factor in the huge cost of movie tickets. It's easy to rack up big sale numbers when you are multiplying by a large number. How profitable will they be after you factor in their immense production and marketing budgets?

It may sound like I am trying to talk you out of investing in the entertainment industries. But that is far from the truth. I'm asking you to actually think about why you want to invest and then really look at the industry.

Most studios are part of large corporate conglomerates, who frequently use them tax write offs. For this reason, they choose projects that won't be successful, then further hobble their ability to be profitable by inflating the budgets. Their corporate accounting voodoo blackens the entertainment industry's reputation with the high risk label. Is it really the industry or the bean counters who are at fault when a film or television project doesn't make a profit?

Think about your favorite films. Were they remakes or were they original projects. Was Jaws 2 or 3 as good as the original? Or was it the originality and the innovation that made it your favorite? Great films start with a solid, original script. Revamping an existing script and adding the latest special effects isn't creating a new film; it's producing a rerun.

To expand the concept, did the actors make the film your favorite or was it the film, which made you a fan of the actors? A list talent guarantee nothing but a larger budget. This is a fact that has been proven many times in the past decade as films starring the biggest names crash and burned at the box office. A list talent doesn't make a film profitable; casting the right talent in the right role makes both the film and the actor popular.

A quality film starts with a sold, original script that has well develop characters and plot. Quality comes from properly preparing during pre-production to develop and incorporate the creative elements, while factoring the budgetary restrictions. If you properly plan, you don't have to waste money fixing in post. Once the film is ready for the audiences, the promotion and marketing campaigns need to showcase the film through all media venues. However, for good or ill, the best marketing tool is still word of mouth, which is why the initial presentation to the target audience is so important. It is the hub to reach the general audiences.

When you give your customers what they want, when they want it in a cost effective way, your business will be successful. This especially applies to the entertainment industry. People can't live without food, shelter, or energy, but entertainment comes from disposable income. When that budget is tight, audiences become more particular with how they spend their time and money. With all the new venues, you have to give the audiences a reason to choose your project. Our projects are build on solid original scripts that have strong casts and crews. . At Cosmos Productions we combine originality, innovation, and common sense budgets to produce both film and television projects about people who are forced to face their fears. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they lose. But either way, they will inspired the audiences to laugh, cry, and care about the characters as if they were friends, family, or the person they see in the mirror. In short, we give them a reason and permission to become emotionally involved with others.

We keep our budgets reasonable and responsible, which allows us to produce more projects and spread the risk among them. I can't legally guarantee that our projects will make a profit, but when you give the audiences what they want, they have proven they will come. I invite you to join our team and enjoy our amazing journey.

Our current slate of projects:


Never Can Say Good-bye
Love can be a blessing or the curse that destroys a town.
Comparable to Ghost, The Others, and Dark Shadows
Genre: Paranormal Thriller feature film
Status: ready for pre-production

Have you ever met someone and suddenly felt love or hate? Did you wonder why? What if you had forgotten the reason? Would you want to remember if it could save you life 

Elizabeth was asked by her mentor to teach a writing course at a small college. Since she never forgets a kindness, she reluctantly agrees. Arriving in town, she instantly regrets her decision. She wants to run, but she is honor bound to stay. Even as the ghost of a small child begs her to forgive, the memories of another time arouse feelings of hatred that she doesn't understand and cannot control. When she meets Shane, all of their lives are thrown onto a dangerous collision course from which they can neither run, nor can they hide. The question is, "Can they overcome their tragic past or will they be doomed to repeat it?"


Horses and Heroes
Although veterans can't go back and make a brand new start,
they can start from now and make a brand new end.
Comparable: I have not found another show like it.
Genre: Documentary/talk show TV series
Status: ready for pre-production

Horses and Heroes combines the concepts a talk show with that of a documentary, by intertwining the spontaneity of a talk show with the scripted informational aspects of a documentary. It will utilize both interviews and practical demonstrations of horse therapy to give the audience a full understanding of how and why working with the horses help veterans heal. Although Equine Therapy will be the stage, the primary focus will be on the veterans as they sharing what they experienced while they served our country and how those events had a lasting effect on their lives as well as on those who love them.

Operation Home Base
Helping others heals our wounds
Comparable: MASH, The Waltons, and NCIS
Genre: Scripted Drama -Action TV series
Status: ready for pre-production winter 2016

Not all scars show. Not all wounds heal.
Author unknownn
Missing limbs can be replaced by the miracle of modern medicine and technology. They are functional, but not the same. But what of the pain that is unseen yet goes soul deep? These are the wounds that bind us to the past. Some use it as an excuse to hurt others. Some hurt themselves. Yet there are the few who channel their pain into helping others as a way of healing themselves or to pay penance for the harm they caused.
Facing their own demons, veterans and civilians come together to actively make a difference through legal, medical and logistics systems, to help active duty, reserves, and retired military personnel, veterans and their dependents. Their motto is: “We've got your back” What if, in their dedication to help, the founders of Operation Home Base stumble upon an international cover up; putting a target on their backs? Do they shrink in fear or do they “damn the torpedoes” to face the challenge with a “gung-ho” mentality?

Eye of Ra
Envying others murders the best of ourselves.
Comparable: Exorcist and Amityville Horror
Genre: Occult Horror
Status: Spring 2016
All families have natural gifts that they pass down through the generations. Yet these gifts are not always equally shared among family members. Sometimes generations are skipped or given the talents that are more passive than active. Not all gratefully accept their destiny; instead, they choose to steal what belongs to others--even if it means murdering their own children.
Katherine was born with the power to control the elements. Her whistle called the winds. Her tears refreshed the earth. She sees into the realms where fools and angels fear to tread. Yet her daughter Sandra's gift were complimentary—or they should have been. Katherine created life. Sandra had the ability to nurture and heal. She could see their destiny and helps them to release their fears. Instead she envied the talents others. A voice from the dark void asked, “What she would do to have their power. Sandra replied, “Whatever it takes.”

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