Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why should we help veterans?

Recently I was interviewed on a Southern California radio station.  The topic was our documentary Horses and Heroes.  Although, I am very grateful for the opportunity, between my nervousness and the time limit we weren't able to properly cover the who, what, when, how, and why of Horses and Heroes.  I was able to cover the first four in very general terms.  It was the why that I found myself unable properly answer on air.

Military personnel and veterans are people.  They are not disposable parts of the war machine.  They are not marketing tools to increase corporations' bottom lines.   They are more than the selfless heroes that John Wayne portrayed or Sylvester Stallone's out of control outcast Rambo.  Neither character matches the reality of who military personnel and veterans are as individuals.  As with all large groups of people, there are members who are good, bad, and ugly, yet the media seems to just focus on the two extremes, instead of the telling the stories of the real people.

No matter what branch of service, military personnel and veterans are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters.  They are our families and our friends.  They are individuals with unique talents and dreams, who chose to stand between our nation and harm's way.  In doing so, they not only permanently changed their lives, but also the lives of those who love them.   For many the life of service is a family tradition that goes back generations.  For them it is more than a job, it is a matter of honor and pride.  It is their way of life.

There are corporations who see military personnel, veterans and their families merely in the terms of marketing demographics.  Their generic messages are tweak to make their products appear to be target audience specific, yet the only thing military about the product is the advertising campaign.  However, not all businesses are looking to exploit military personnel and veterans.  There are many companies, who honestly support them.  Their products specifically focus on the needs and life challenges of those who serve and are more than just another Veteran's Day Car Saleathon.  It may not seem so, but there is a difference between the two.  The former puts their bottom line first and foremost, leaving the human element to be nothing more an after thought.  The latter puts the people first by providing necessary products and services; in doing so they create a balance between human needs and profitability.

Horses and Heroes started as an episode for our TV documentary series about horses, Spirit of a Nation.  However, in doing the research, I learned there was enough information as well as a need for both.  The episode for Spirit of a Nation will encompass all aspects of Equine Therapy; while Horses and Heroes will focus on the how working with the horses helps military personnel and veterans face their physical and emotional challenges.  Horses and Heroes will provide dual benefits.  Not only will it share the personal stories about the effectiveness of Equine Therapy, but we will also be give jobs to veterans already in the entertainment industry and opening the door for those who are looking for a new career.

We all serve in our own way.  Although I would be best described as a Fobbit (It is the equivalent to REMF).  Although the term is derogatory, in my case it is also accurate.    I'm only really capable of shooting off my mouth, but I am very good at it.  I'm a story teller, who tells the tales of those who face their fears and make a difference. I am a researcher that can ferret out accurate information and separate it from BS.  As a producer and editor, I tie it all together in such a way that even civilians can understand.   I might not be able to pull a trigger, but I can back up those who do.

Please help us help our military personnel and veterans by supporting Horses and Heroes.  To learn more please visit our website at!page3/cee5 


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