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Alternative Healing Therapy for Veterans, Military Personnel, and Their Families


Until You Walk The Path, You Won’t Know Where it Goes is hosting Program Director and Therapeutic Horsemanship Instructor, Christine O"Connell on December 5, 2013 at 1 pm eastern. We will be talking about how Charity Hill's Equine Therapy program helps veterans cope with the physical and emotional challenges of war. Charity Hill Ranch will be the site of the upcoming documentary, Horses and Heroes.

Christine is the CEO of Mid-Michigan Equestrian Center, dba Charity Hill Ranch. She moved the ten-year-old Mid-Michigan Equestrian Center from down state to the Rapid City, Michigan location in 2010. Christine comes with the unique perspective of having a child who sustained a severe closed head injury at a very young age and started the therapeutic riding center for her daughter’s benefit and others. To accomplish this, she became a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor through the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NAHRA), now known as Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH) and is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Charity Hill Ranch is a PATH Premier Accredited Center.

Christine studied Business Administration at Baker College and received special training while employed at Peckham Industries, a training and employment facility for the physically, mentally and emotionally impaired. She was a Clinton County 4-H Horse Program Leader for six years and Coached the MIHA St. Johns Middle School Equestrian Team and the MIHA Kalkaska Home School Equestrian Team. She is also a member of the Michigan Trail Riders Association and Home School Legal Defense Association. 


Christine O'Connell is a PATH International Certified Instructor of 10 Years, and specializes in Traumaic Brain Injury as well as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Together with Sarah Wilson, who is a Mental Health Specialist with Degree in Psychology and Education, they provide programs and services where “Love in Action” enables individual growth and achievement for people who have physical and emotional trauma. 


Charity Hill Ranch is a proud Member of Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International. It is also e a member of Horses for Heroes Inc. Based in Las Vegas and founded in 2006, their mission is to make horseback riding affordable for, and accessible to militay personnel, veterans, First Responders, and their families. Mid-Michigan Equestrian Center, Inc, which is located at Charity Hill Ranch, is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation which believes that riding and caring for horses profoundly affects the lives of people with disabilities and enables them to live a more fulfilling and complete life.

Horses and Heroes combines the concepts a talk show with that of a documentary. It will utilize both interviews and practical demonstrations of horse therapy to give the audience a full understanding of how and why working with the horses help veterans heal. It will combine the spontaneity of a talk show with the informational aspects of a documentary. It will create a greater awareness of Animal Assisted Therapy for civilians, military personnel, veterans, and their families. The goal is to create an understanding of how and why the therapy works, thereby giving those suffering from PTSD another therapeutic option.

Charity Hill Website

Tune into on December 5, 2013 at 1 pm eastern to to learn more about Equine Therapy and how it offers an alternative healing to those who have experienced physical and emotional trauma. The phone lines and chat will be available for those who wish to ask questions. The phone number is (347) 838-9927.

The interview will be available in the archives at

Horses and Heroes
Theresa Chaze

The planes and ships brought me back, but my soul was left behind.
No words could cure.
No arms could comfort.
No loved one could help me heal.
Who I was had splintered away.
I was a memory almost forgotten.

I walked from hell looking home, but I couldn't find the way.
No way back.
No way forward.
I was lost in the land of despair.
They wanted me to be who I was.
That person didn't live anymore

Across the field not far away, stood one who saw my wounds.
She did not speak.
She needed no words.
Yet she comforted my wounded soul.
She helped me see past the fear and the pain.
I found the path that led me home.

" Instant Karma is going to get you."
                                       John Lennon

Have you ever met someone and suddenly  felt love or hate? Yet for the life of you couldn't remember  them.  Would you want to  remember? Would you want to know if it could save  your life?

Never Can Say Good-bye is a paranormal thriller  feature film with the  logline love and hate survives death like our Facebook page: Courage isn't the lack of fear, but the ability to set it aside and  focus on what is truly important

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