Thursday, February 14, 2013

Adrian Paul Fans

We have been talking to Adrian Paul's  people. He is our first choice for the character of Michael Scott. However, our investor and distributor doesn't think his fan base is bankable. 

How many people would like Adrian Paul playing the romantic lead in the paranormal thriller Never Can Say Good-bye? If you would like to see Adrian in theatres could you please leave like our page and leave a comment saying so?

Would you also share so our message spreads.


SHERYL said...

Would defintely want to see Adrian in this movie. I will post your message at my AP Blog


Theresa Chaze said...

Thank you!

90sgrl said...

I wouldn't call myself an Adrian Paul fan, but I remember him well from Highlander and would definitely check out a new movie with him in the lead. I suspect there are many like me, who aren't really "fans" but liked his work (and his face) and would be glad to see him in the theater again.