Saturday, October 13, 2012

Extreme Republicans: The Reason Ignorance is Spreading in the United States

In a time when science is so important to creating solutions to the world challenges, the Extreme Republicans are attempting to drag this country into ignorance and bigotry. Exclusive and divisive, they support only those that look, think and belief as they do. They believe that others must be converted. If they will not change than they it is okay to emotionally, spiritually, and physically harm them.

Religious freedom means that everyone beliefs end at their nose. It is not okay to force your beliefs, lifestyle or religion on anyone else. Yet the Extremist feel that they have the right to do so.

Voting for this kind of mentality is to back to a time when a McCarthy had neighbors spying on each other. When bigots safely walked around in white hoods, burning crosses on lawns and lynching those who disagreed with them. It was a time when women were told it was their fault if their husband or partner beat them. Rape victims were blamed for being raped, while the rapist were protected by their buddies, the law and religion. In the work place, women were paid less for equal work. Harassment by employees and fellow employees was acceptable. If women couldn't take it they should get married and stay home. Gaining control over their reproduction gave women financial control their lives, which in turn gave them control over their destiny.

By denying provable science facts they spread ignorance and bigotry to the future generations. It is one of the major reasons that the United States is falling behind other nations in the technological race. They are focusing on math, science, computers, history, while leaving the religion in the homes and churches. Religion isn't one of the three R's as long as the Extremist push it above all else, the United States will never regain its number one positions for innovative and forward thinking.

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