Monday, February 27, 2012

Astrologer Elizabeth Hazel Talks About 2012

Until You Walk The Path, You Won’t Know Where it Goes is hosting Astrologer adn Tarot Reader Elizabeth Hazel on February 29 at 1 pm eastern. We will be talking about the Astrological forecast for 2012.

Elizabeth Hazel is a noted astrologer, Tarotist, and horoscope columnist; and author of the acclaimed book “Tarot Decoded.” Her “Whispering Tarot” deck and book were released in 2008, and a new book on astrology is anticipated in 2013. Liz has lectured around the US and in Britain. Her weekly horoscope column can be seen at the Kozmic Kitchen on Facebook every Sunday.

Elizabeth Hazel’s website is at

To learn more about what to expect from the energy currents from the cosmos from Astrologer and Tarot reader Elizabeth Hazel tune into at 1 pm eastern on February 29. The phone lines and chat will be available for those who wish to participate. The phone number is (347) 838-9927.

The show can be listened in the archives at

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