Sunday, October 30, 2011

Samhain Ritual

This is an original Samhain ritual that we will be doing on my radio show, Until You Walk the Path, You Don't Know Where it Goes

At the beginning of this new year,
I chose to accept both the laughter and the tears.
With love and hope I call to those from above and below
to help me find ways to help make miracles into my life flow.

These three coins I do bless in the name of the maiden, mother crone.
Each represents a karmic debt I do own.
Left in places for others to find
they are my promise to create ways to be more generous and kind.

A blessing for three strangers before the full moon I will be,
Anonymously I well help without any benefit for me.
In word, deed or whatever needs to be done
so they may find love, healing and their challenges won.

Lastly I will forgive three who hurt my heart
by allowing the pain and sadness to part.
Without asking for anything from another
I will forgive myself and two others.

Paying forward with kindness and love
I light these three candles and ask for help from below and above.
Please show me the way to heal a little more each day
so love, healing and my dreams may come to me without delay.

Godesses, Gods, Grandmother and Grandfather Spirit
I ask that you bless me with all that I merit.
Look into my heart and soul
for the dreams I do hold.

Here my words as I pray,
Bring my dreams and love with out delay.

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