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Lori, Runaway Wife; A Romantic Mystery
A spouse abuse victim stands a much better chance of surviving independently if they possess career skills and other life skills.

That is the central theme of the novel Lori, Runaway Wife (ISBN 1-60672-173-0, 2008 Publish America, Baltimore, 229 pages, $15), by Valentine Dmitriev, 92, a retired educator and author of several books.

Lori Becker, a nurse at a Queens's hospital, is a battered wife who is intimidated by her brutal spouse despite being professionally skilled. Lori lives in the fantasy world of romance mysteries, idolizing their handsome author Ian Damion. Yet she is trapped until the birth of Ian's son sets her free and her life skills mould the opportunity to build self-esteem and create a new life of independence.

The author spent 10 months writing and researching Lori, Runaway Wife. Part of Dmitriev's research was her experiences as a juror in the trial of a man arrested for attacking his ex-wife, torturing her all night, and raping her with the neck of a wine bottle.

"Education gives women as well as men greater freedom to make better and more desirable choices," says Dmitriev. "For women especially, an education that prepares them for a marketable skill gives them freedom -- the chance to leave a bad relationship with the knowledge they can support themselves and their children independently."

If Lori Becker did not have any skills, stresses Dmitriev, she never would have gotten a job as a nanny which provided the means of escape -- the first step in finding freedom, independence, self-confidence, and a new fulfilling life.

Born in Shanghai, China in 1918, Dmitriev moved with her family to Vancouver, Canada, and as an adult settled in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Dmitriev, was a pioneer in infant learning and early intervention for special needs children and received national recognition for her Model Preschool Program for young children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities.

Over a period of 15 years she traveled widely giving lectures and workshops in 40 cities in America and 11 foreign countries including Australia, England, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Russia and Spain.

Dmitriev has written numerous professional articles, seven books on parenting, education and child development, and three other romance novels, Wedding Belle, Five Magic Words and Stolen Bride.

Valentine Dmitriev graduated from high school at age 15, earned a BA from the University of Washington at age 19, and subsequently earned her master's in education and PhD from the University of Washington.

About the Author
Born in China and raised in Canada, Valentine Dmitriev settled in Seattle, Washington and spent 32 years working with normally developing youngsters as well as with the disabled and mentally impaired infants and preschool youngsters. A pioneer in special education, she published five books before taking an early retirement and moving to a retirement cottage in New Jersey where she has published two novels in the past two years.

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