Friday, March 11, 2011

Michigan is screwed.


Dawne Prochilo said...

Already the "nerd" is invading the eduction fund and removing money for our children's education... but wait- the Pure Michigan tourist org is getting how many millions of dollars. My soapbox could go on for hours...days..weeks

Theresa Chaze said...

He is cutting the funding for programs that work and giving it to corporations who put people out of work. The film incentive program went from 2 million to over 600 million in two years. The state paid out 100 million. That is a 6 to 1 profit with nearly all of it being new money coming into the state. It has created over 7000 new jobs that actually pay a living wage. In addition, people have spent hundreds of millions of dollars setting up new studios, which in turn will draw in new project that will bring in more tax dollars and more good paying jobs.

But then the good old boys club of existing corporations would be forced to pay living wage instead cutting salaries and benefits. So naturally the film incentive program has to end.

It is time to impeach him before he does damage to the state that can't be repaired.