Monday, November 01, 2010

U.S. Military Statistics October 30, 2030

U.S. Military Killed in Action:
Iraq:10/30/10: no reports current: 4760
Afghanistan:10/30/10: no reports current: 1363

Wounded Total (to 4/30/10): 54,834
Killed in Action, September, 2010: 7
Wounded, April,2010: 40
Iraqi Civilians Killed: 1,366,350

Wounded Total (to 6/30/10): 6,773
Killed In Action,September,2010: 56
Wounded, May, 2010: 406
Wounded, June,2010: 517

SSG William T. Latham, 29, U.S. Army, Kingman, Arizona (hostile fire)

PFC Michael R. Deuel, 21, U.S. Army, Nemo, South Dakota (hostile fire--small arms fire)

SGT Michael L. Tosto, 24, U.S. Army, Apex, North Carolina (non-hostile--illness)

PVT Robert L. Frantz, 19, U.S. Army, San Antonio, Texas (hostile fire--grenade)

PVT Shawn D. Pahnke, 25, U.S. Army, Shelbyville, Indiana (hostile fire--sniper fire)

SPC Joseph D. Suell, 24, U.S. Army, Lufkin, Texas (non-hostile--suicide)

PFC Ryan R. Cox, 19, U.S. Marine Corps, Derby, Kansas (non-hostile--weapon discharge--accident)

SSG Andrew R. Pokorny, 30, U.S. Army, Naperville, Illinois (non-hostile--vehicle accident)

SPC John K. Klinesmith Jr., 35, U.S. Army, Stockbridge, Georgia (non-hostile--drowning)

PFC Gavin L. Neighbor, 20, U.S. Army, Somerset, Ohio (hostile fire--RPG attack)

SGT Michael E. Dooley, 23, U.S. Army, Pulaski, Virginia (hostile fire--small arms fire)

PVT Jesse M. Halling, 19, U.S. Army, Indianapolis, Indiana (hostile fire--RPG attack)

"Another nation is made out to be utterly depraved and fiendish,while one's own nation stands for everything that is good and noble. Every action of the enemy is judged by one standard--every action of oneself by another.
Even good deeds by the enemy are considered a sign of particular devilishness, meant to deceive us and the world, while our bad deeds are necessary and justified by our noble goals,which they serve."
Eric Fromm
U.S. psychologist, academic, author

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