Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Vetern and Activist Richard Bauer Endorses Military Series, Operation Home Base

Veteran, military activist and talk show host, Richard Bauer actively endorses the new military series, Operation Home Base.

Bauer served in the United States Air Force Command from 1988-2010. As a Inventory Management Specialist, he coordinated supply for the Air National Guard at Jefferson Barracks. He insured the mobility assets were available for deployment and all personnel were properly fitted and ready in the event of war. June 2000 – March 2003, Bauer performed military funeral honors for deceased active duty, retired and veteran personnel at Scott Air Force Base-Belleville IL. As Command and Control-flight Follower from April 2003-January 2006, he was the command agent responsible for the accurate, real-time global command control of all AMC directed tanker and airlift Missions in support of national interests worldwide. From May 1999-June 2010, he worked in the defense and space industry as the Missouri State employee, providing funeral honors for deceased veterans and retirees for the entire eastern part of Missouri. Currently, he is the host of Tribute to the Troops on the Virtual Entertainment Radio Network. It is a program that supports current members of the military as well as veterans.  The program will educate and explore questions or problems relating to military personnel.   By coalescing governmental, civilian and veteran’s organizations, Tribute to the Troops’ goal is to insure that not one soldier/airman/or sailor is left behind..

Of Operation Home Base, Bauer said:

“WOW...this is awesome, breath taking, and splendid; words cannot express my gratitude or thankfulness. I think you got a real winner. God Bless you for finally opening the family life of the military spouse to the general public.”
Rich Bauer MSgt USAF (Ret.)

Bauer’s associate said:

'I think the script is dealing in uncharted waters. This will be like nothing ever produced! What a brilliant idea to expose to the general audience real life situations that our fellow soldiers have to deal with returning home. Bravo!'
Two different members of the military and both Senior NCO's looked at the script like the military (Department of Defense--Washington) would look at it and we both agreed you got a hit.
Combining MASH and Little House on the Prairie into a family of man drama, Operation Home Base combines the real life challenges of living the military life with a fictional world-wide conspiracy of intrigue, murder, and lies. Refusing to be bullied, OHB begins to unravel the lies that surround the disappearance of Bogley and his squad.. Unable to deter them with the stick, their lead detractor does an about face and offers to support OHB with endless financial, political and logistic support. Is it a honest humanitarian offer or are their enemies trying to destroy it from the inside out.?

From the PTSD of the Vietnam nurses to the murder of a Marine’s therapy dog that leads to a wild and crazy fundraising fair, OHB will make the viewers laugh and cry. It will also build a bridge of understanding between those who serve and civilians. The viewers will be able to easily relate to the characters as family members, friends or the person they see in the mirror. Unlike most new shows, which either appeal to adults or children, OHB will be a drama that will appeal to the whole family

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