Friday, September 17, 2010

Producer Shara Nickell Joins Never Can Say Good-bye Staff

The executive producers of the paranormal romance film, Never Can Good-bye, announce the addition of veteran producer Shara Nickell to their staff.

Never Can Say Good-bye is a paranormal romance that is best described as the Reincarnation of Peter Proud meets Fatal Attraction. Described as a traditional ghost story by award winning screenwriter, Darlenne Girard, Never Can Say Good-bye ties the Michigan’s historical lumber era to modern day life to prove that love and hate survive death.

As a published photojournalist and still photographer, Nickell established a strong reputation for producing creative and unique work.  Having spent many years experienced in business and project management, in 2002 she returned to her attention to filmmaking, where her smart planning and her ability to successfully present projects to investors has establish her as the go-to producer. In 2009 she was approached by Class Clown Pictures to produce their slate of feature films. Once financing has been found, she will be joining the staff.

As a producer and line producer, she has worked with several award winning writers, directors, and cinematographers. She has produced numerous productions to include features, documentaries, television pilots, shorts, commercials and new media projects.

In the spring of 2010, Nickell partnered with Subtropolis Film Partners to the development the sci-fi action feature film, The Black Riders. Bringing her diverse experience both as producer and line producer to the production, Nickell will be using her connections, creativity and out of the box thinking to bring resources and personal touch to Never Can Say Good-bye.

Executive Producers will be looking to the new studios and at locations in Northern Michigan, including Traverse City and Manistee for possible scene sites.  Their goal is to keep the entire process within the Northwest area of Michigan due to the strength and availability of a qualified and skilled crew base, facilities, and staff and to make use of the Michigan film incentive program.

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Theresa Chaze said...

Shara Nickell has sense left our team. We wish her well.