Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 Traverse City Film Festival

One of the great things about the Traverse City Film Festival is the chance for everyone to meet, discuss and learn about movies with the many incredible directors, producers and actors who come to TC for this one week each year. This year the festival will run from July 27-August 1, 2010.
And this year we have some fantastic opportunities for you to participate with our free panels, our expanded TCFF Film School and our new TC Film Forum in the Park. Please take the time to attend these events and experience, up close and personal, the filmmakers who have come here to share their ideas and talents with us.

Tickets to the film school sessions (just $5!) go on sale on Wednesday at noon online at, at the box office at 300 E Front Street in Radio Center, and by calling 231-922-8903 (limit 4 tickets per person).

Here's what we've lined up for next week's festival:


Each morning at 9:30 you can come to one of the most popular events at the film festival: the daily morning panels the City Opera House. It's free, and we start handing out tickets at 8:30 am to guarantee seating. Don't miss these entertaining, provocative panels (click here to read full descriptions of this year's panels):

WEDNESDAY: Film Literacy: How to Be Smart by Going to the Movies in a Dumbed-Down Society -- with film professors from the University of Michigan, visiting filmmakers, and Michael Moore

THURSDAY: An Intimate Interview with America’s Premier Indie Film Moguls -- with the co-presidents of Sony Pictures Classics, Michael Barker and Tom Bernard, who will receive Lifetime Achievement Awards

FRIDAY: We Live in Cuba and We Make Movies -- with four Cuban filmmakers who have traveled from Havana to the Caribbean-blue waters of northern Michigan

SATURDAY: Here Comes Trouble: Eight Documentary Filmmakers Tell Us How They Did It, and Lived to Tell -- with Michael Moore and visiting documentary filmmakers, who may include Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn (“Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage”), Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith (“The Most Dangerous Man in America”), Josh Fox (“GasLand”), Mark Lewis (“Cane Toads: The Conquest”), Nicolas Rossier (“American Radical”), Lee Storey (“Smile ‘Til It Hurts: The Up With People Story”) and Michael Webber (“The Elephant in the Living Room”)

SUNDAY: The Comedy Panel -- with Michael Moore, festival favorites Jeff Garlin and Sabina Guzzanti, and visiting filmmakers


Hugely popular last year (with many classes sold out), we are expanding it this year to two master classes a day. And we've moved into onto the film fest bus loop at NMC's Scholars Hall (next to Milliken Auditorium). These classes are open to people of all ages. They are not speeches or panels; they are practical, hands-on learning experiences for anyone interested in making their own movies or videos. And each class is only five bucks:

WEDNESDAY at 12 noon: Sound is More Important Than Picture

WEDNESDAY at 3 pm: Screenwriting

THURSDAY at 12 noon: How To Make a Short Film

THURSDAY at 3 pm: Bill Plympton: Animation Master Class

FRIDAY at 12 noon: Acting for the Camera

FRIDAY at 3 pm: Making (and Financing) Your Film in Michigan

SATURDAY at 12 noon: Situational Ethics in Documentary Filmmaking

SATURDAY at 3 pm: Storytelling Through Documentary


Ever wish, as you leave a great movie, that you could go talk about what you just saw with the people you saw it with? Starting with this year's fest, you can! Each day, twice a day, you are invited to Lay Park on Union Street to join us and your fellow festivalgoers to sit down and discuss nine of this year's movies. We'll have a moderator and often the filmmaker will be present. It's free, it's outdoors, we'll have refreshments (and there will be free live musical performances before and after the discussion sessions, from noon to 7 pm each day) and it'll be a great way to meet all the interesting people who've come here from across the country to watch movies. We think this will a very cool way to spend an hour and take a break from all the movie-watching. Think of this as a movielovers "be-in." Be there! I will!

Wednesday, July 28

“Budrus” -- after 12 noon movie

“12th & Delaware” -- after 3 pm movie

Thursday, July 29

“Waiting for ‘Superman’” -- after 12 noon movie

“Restrepo” -- after 3 pm movie

Friday, July 30

“American Radical” -- after 12 noon movie

“8: The Mormon Proposition” -- after 3 pm movie

Saturday, July 31

“The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers” -- after 12 noon movie

“GasLand” -- after 3 pm movie

“Strawberry and Chocolate” -- after 6 pm movie

So there you go! Lots of free stuff to enjoy the week and expand your consciousness. We're putting a lot of energy and focus into these gatherings and I assure you that you won't soon forget these interactive, egalitarian experiences at the Traverse City Film Festival. I look forward to seeing you there.

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