Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Living With Evolution or Dying Without It ~ KD Koratsky~ Charles Darwin ~ Relativism

http://www.LivingWithEvolution.com There is a simple solution to replace the failed policies unable to significantly reduce poverty, criminality and government corruption, to achieve demographic diversity and to pursue prosperity. The answer? Evolution. To illustrate the validity of these claims, Koratsky points to a particularly stark case of how such phenomena can work together as part of a highly destructive positive feedback loop. "Drug-addicted mothers gain the resources to survive via the subsidized existence of their children. Then these children raised by parents that cannot even feed themselves typically grow up to remain part of the welfare system or become part of the prison system."

The illustration of drug-addicted mothers also supports another notion that most disregard -- All human characteristics have both cultural and biological components. The bottom line is that all of this turns nature upside down, i.e., completely defies evolutionary principles which can only lead to bizarre and especially self-destructive results for a society. http://www.LivingWithEvolution.com

The book is available at Amazon or Atlas Books or at: www.livingwithevolution.com

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