Thursday, December 31, 2009

Until You Walk the Path: Sandra O'Connell

Until You Walk the Path, You Don’t Know Where it Goes will be hosting author Dr. Sandra O’Connell on January 3 at 5 pm eastern as she talks about Alzheimer’s and her book, An American Family in World War II.

Writer and Alzheimer’s activist, Sandra O’Connell, (Mrs. Ralph L. Minker) is the co-editor of An American Family in World War II, based on the extraordinary collection of 800 letters of her husband’s family during the most critical time in the 20th century. Ralph Minker was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1995 at age 70. The book evolved over seven years from their effort to maintain purpose and involvement even as Minker’s memory and functioning was eroding. Sandra actively managed every stage of care for nearly 14 years -- until his death in August, 2008. She attended Alzheimer’s training programs; then combined her career in corporate training and writing with her care-giving experience to help others face the Alzheimer’s journey.

Tune at on January 3 at 5 pm eastern to learn more about Alzheimer and the memories of the Minker family during WWII. Those who wish to ask Sandra O’Connell questions may call in at (347) 324-3745 or participate in the interactive chat room, which is available on the show’s page

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