Sunday, October 25, 2009

Near stadium, Cowboys have a new rival: Satan

"Occult" claims about Caelum Moor are "ridiculous," said Norman Hines, creator of the park of 22 granite sculptures. S-T/Max Faulkner


kennedy ARLINGTON — A wee bit o’ Scotland has come to the outskirts of Cowboys Stadium, and with it a foggy auld controversy over whether a Scottish sculpture park is also a pagan shrine that might hex the Dallas Cowboys.

City leaders and the family of late philanthropist Jane Mathes Kelton gathered Thursday to rededicate Caelum Moor, a former $3 million corporate sculpture park now relocated as public art along the bonny banks of Johnson Creek.

The same day, nursing home chaplain Michael Tummillo of Stephenville posted on a Web site: "Occultic landmark resurrected near home of the Dallas Cowboys." He warned Arlington about a "demonic backlash."

"Ridiculous!" said Norman Hines, now 70, creator of the 1985 park of 22 granite sculptures, some up to three stories tall and with Celtic markings reminiscent of the ancient English monument Stonehenge.

Tummillo was part of a 1996 witch hunt in Arlington, when 20 evangelical pastors signed a letter complaining that Caelum Moor, then near Interstate 20, was attracting pagan and Wiccan religious events.

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