Friday, September 25, 2009

Until You Walk the Path: Julie McNulty

Until You Walk the Path, You Won’t know Where it Goes will be once again hosting Intuitive Healer and Medium, Julie McNulty on September 27 at 5 pm eastern.

Julie McNulty loves being an Intuitive Healer. In these healing sessions she provides healing modalities that cater to her clients personal needs. The modalities that Julie offers are Reiki Treatments which help balance the bodies energy system. Another method that Julie uses for healing is called Angel Therapy® where Julie opens herself up to her the messages from your Angels. While working with your Angels Julie can hear and see any messages that the Angels are trying to give you about your past, present or future. The third healing mechanism that Julie offers is a Mediumship Reading. This mechanism is close to Julie's heart as she loves to help people hear healing messages from their loved ones that have passed over to the other side. Julie has a background in Counseling and went to Cal Poly where she attained a BS Degree in Human Development. Julie soon found that the counseling she was offering was not enough. She wanted to offer more to people to help them but didn't know what that missing piece was.

Then in 2001 Julie had an amazing awakening. She was going through a major life change. Her Father died of cancer, she and her husband where going through hard times, she was betrayed by her close friends and she felt alone. Laying down on the bathroom floor at a hotel in Hawaii Julie called out for help. She then heard a voice telling her that everything was going to be okay. Julie tells about how she heard the voice give her directions of how to heal her life. At one point she asked the voice who they were and she heard, "We are your Angels." Then Julie received what she calls "signs" that this voice was indeed a voice from the Angelic Realm.

Tune at on September 13 at 5 pm eastern to learn more about Intuitive Healing and for the opportunity for a reading. Those who wish to speak to Julie McNulty may call in at (347) 324-3745 or participate in the interactive chat room, which is available on the show’s page.

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