Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Operation Home Base


Operation Home Base is a military drama about a fictional non profit organization that gives support to military personnel and their families. Staffed with unique characters, each of which has their own reasons for wanting to help military personnel, OHB is designed to build a bridge between the civilian population and the military. OHB is a combination between NCIS and Army Wives with the potential for a therapist drama as well. There is a wide range of potential stories that can be spun from this set-up, from domestic drama, hospital/therapist drama, legal drama, crime drama, adventure, even the occasional comedic episode. Though fictional, this is a story of real people, and the situations could have been ripped from the day’s headlines. OHB has a bit of everything; war and suspense, action and adventure, romance and betrayal. Fully formed characters who are flawed, but working for redemption; edge of the seat suspense as the action zips along at warp speed.

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Suggested Cast:
Deacon (Deek) Williams: Tom Selleck
Martin Flying Crow: Graham Greene
Randi Cullen: Alyssa Milano
Michael Woodsman: Drake Hogeston
Lorelei Stewart: Gloria Loring
Elaine Reynolds: Deidre Hall
Walter Hummel: Alan Alda

Operation Home Base Pilot Episode:
Acting as a representative for the branches of the military and the federal government, Walter Hummel approaches the founders of Operation Home Base with an offer of economic and logistic support as well as political influence. Although Martin Flying Crow doesn’t trust Hummel, he is unwilling to deprive the armed service personnel and their families of the badly needed support. However, once the paperwork has been signed, the committee realizes that they may have gotten more than they bargained for. Immediately they are called to service. Dishonorably discharged and accused of raping a local teenager, ex marine, Ken Thompson, is found dead in his parents home. The deputy sheriff in charge suspects the Gunnery Sergeant and his wife are responsible for the murder of their son The OHB’s new legal adviser and the government advocate with the help of the NCIS team not only exposes the ulterior motives of the deputy, but also truth behind the death of the much hated man

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