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Best Selling Fantasy Novels for Adults

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very entertaining..., October 11, 2008
By BookReviewsByDebra "Book Reviews By Debra" (Hawesville, KY USA) - See all my reviews

Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy
Theresa Chaze
Valkyrie Publishing, 2008
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for, 10/08
4 Star
Very entertaining...
Rachel felt as though the cottage was calling to her. It was lonely. The church people wanted to burn it down, because a witch once lived in it. They now target Rachel for her beliefs and practices. When she attempts to open a new book story she becomes the mark of bigotry.
This is not the type of book I normally read. Once I began, I could not put it down. There is a strength and yet innocence in Rachel. From the beginning, I sensed she had a secret. I wanted to see romance between Kevin and Rachel. Kevin is a wounded character. While this book is a fantasy and very entertaining, it also has an agenda, to teach the dangers of bigotry, close mindedness, and lack of love for people that are different. Unfortunately, this book needs proofreading. There are a lot of grammatical mistakes. Awakening The Dragon would make an excellent movie. Fans of fantasy will enjoy Awakening The Dragon.

4.0 out of 5 stars Follow your heart, awaken the dragon., November 3, 2008
By Reader Views "" (Austin, Texas) - See all my reviews
Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (10/08)

Rachel lives her life by what leads her. She landed in Coyote Springs by asking the Goddess where she wanted her to go, then threw the dart. It is there in Coyote Springs where she will open her "New Spirituality" store, Dragon's Den. Being drawn to a small cottage on the outskirts of town she crosses paths with Kevin Mitchellson. Kevin is the owner of the home in which his grandmother was killed.

Being like many small towns, Coyote Springs is a place where everyone knows of, or about, everyone there. In this town there is great turmoil between the House of Christ church and those who choose to follow otherwise. "Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy" focuses on this turmoil and resolution prior to the opening of Dragon's Den....I eagerly await "Book Two" to continue the story.

"Awakening the Dragon" is quite intriguing and will have you also waiting to see what happens next. With few editing errors that do not distract, this story is raw energy. "Theresa Chaze and her writing are based on her philosophy that all people live together in peace as long as we come from respect, not only for ourselves but those who follow different paths or beliefs." This is such a profound philosophy that would greatly benefit many. I often ask myself, "How does one know if what they personally believe is correct?" Life would be much less negative if everyone just accepted what the other believe to be correct for them and our own belief is correct for us, there is no wrong. In "Awakening the Dragon: Book One" you find yourself compelled to root for the characters and look at your own actions toward others.

5.0 out of 5 stars Magic, suspense and Karmic Justice Combine in a tale of Horror, October 10, 2007
By Theresa Chaze "Please visit my site at (Michigan) - See all my reviews

By Wixa (Acworth, Georgia United States) - See all my reviews

When I started reading this book I didn't realized how quickly I would be caught up in the lives of the characters. I found myself feeling how the characters felt. Their anger and their joys. I laughed at how perfectly Theresa Chaze described the cats personalities. It is so obvious that she has furry children. I finished the book in two days and was disappointed when I realized I had reached the end of the book! I want more. Thank you for writing this book.

By Catherine J. St Amour "Kate St.Amour" (United States) - See all my reviews

Magic, Mystery, and Murder. The three M's! Ms. Chaze shows colorful, visual language that will even keep the romance novel buff obsessed in finishing this novel in one read! The pacing is excellent the main character strong and likeable, and the hint of romance to come in the final installments of the trilogy. I must say I'm already addicted to Ms. Chaze's writing style! A guaranteed page turner! Bring on the rest of the trilogy!

Truth in Fiction!, July 31, 2006
By Cate Cavanagh (USA) - See all my reviews

Ms. Chaze sustains what is now a proven trademark of excellency in plot and story development. This taut final book will continue to hold readers within the grasp of danger as the finely realized characters fight to sustain themselves against the evil that would destroy them. A must read book by breakout author Theresa Chaze who continues to weave suspenseful storylines while developing authentic characters. No fluff here! As an author in the genre I attest to the truth in Ms. Chaze's writing as she writes of Witches, evil and spells! If you want truth in fiction, Ms. Chaze is a must read! Fans of the genre will not be disappointed and will experience hours of being drawn into the reality of Witchcraft as never before depicted.

Kudos, Ms. Chaze! Fine work!

Buy this book! I found myself smiling when I finished the last page of Awakening The Dragon--Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy (formally Dragon's New Home), by Theresa Chaze. I've read a pretty good number of books in my life, but none have given me quite the mix of emotions that this books has. Let me explain.
The Dragon Page reviews science fiction and fantasy from large publishing houses, small houses, and self-published authors. With few exceptions, a wide gulf separates the large houses' books from the others in terms of the quality of prose. Even when large publishers send me books I don't like, from a purely technical standpoint those books tend to be far better written than the small press stuff. Even the small press books that I like.
Now, Dragon's New Home isn't a well-crafted book. But the book has something that most small press books don't even have a sliver of. Potential. Dragon's New Home feels like a diamond in the rough. I think that given a few hundred thousand more words, Ms. Chaze will become one damn fine author. She's just not quite there yet with this book.
The Gist: Kevin Mitchellson's mother murdered his grandmother. His guilt for letting her get away with the crime is eating him alive, but he will not break his word to his father to protect her secret. So, one night, under the influence of potable spirits, he beckons spirits of another sort to take the problem out of his hands, and expose his mother in a way that cannot be denied. And damn if they didn't hear him.
Rachael Franklin, a Wiccan Priestess, has just won the lottery, and has an inclination to set up a New Age bookstore called Dragon's Den (great name.) She calls on the Goddess to send her to a new home where she can make a difference. She throws a dart at a map and eventually finds herself on the front step of Kevin's grandmother's abandoned house with the local agent from Century 21.
So, in one corner, wearing the red trunks, we have Rachael and her three cats: Merlin, Tara, and Ralph. In the other corner, wearing the blue, is Lady Katheryn, the murder, and the House of Christ, the local Christian cult that thinks that whole "live and let live" thing is for sissies.
And the bell rings.
The Good: Is it right to point out the good points of a novel by pointing out the mistakes the author could have made, but didn't? Forgive me if it's not kosher, but as I write this I can't stop making comparisons in my head between this book and other small press books I have reviewed.
For instance, most first time, small press authors try to tell big stories, and tell them too small (all life on earth my be destroyed by a world wide phenomenon. Let's tell the story of one family driving across country.) Ms. Chaze's story, on the other hand, has a simple, relatable plot, and doesn't skimp on the ensemble needed to tell the story.
Most genre books in general are plot based. This story is character driven, which I have firmly come to believe is the better route to take. Every plot-advancing decision Rachael Franklin makes comes from who she is as a person, not from what decision needs to be made to advance the plot in a certain direction. This gives the book a believability that many sci-fi and fantasy stories lack.
And, finally, it doesn't hurt that the reader might be learning something new. Not being knowledgeable about Wicca myself, I enjoyed reading a book told from the perspective of a philosophy I'm not accustomed to.
The Bad: The book suffers mostly from what most first time authors suffer from - amateur writing syndrome. The dialogue has no real spark. It's too on the nose. The story has no irony. In what could have been a very scary and engrossing story, there was only occasional suspense, and not very strong suspense at that.
Not only that, but the author tends to write too much about things that are obviously important to her, but are not important to the story. At all. Not even a little. It is not hard to see that Ms. Chaze loves animals, but why do why have to plod through pages and pages of Rachael feeding the cats, sleeping with the cats, potty training the dog, etc? Dragon's New Home is the first book of a trilogy. I have the sneaky suspicion that once the series is done, it will be apparent that instead of three short novels, the book could have been one moderately-long novel, if the writing were more focused on the story and less sidetracked by animals, visions, astral projection trips that don't really go anywhere, and the like.

By "gemstonedeva" (the Netherlands) - See all my reviews

Theresa Chaze has written the first part of a magickal tale. I could hardly put the book down once I had picked it up and am looking forward to the sequel to this intriguing tale of magick

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." Words the members of the House of Christ live by, and killed by.

Rachel Franklin knew from the first moment she laid eyes on it that the cottage was hers. She felt its pull, could sense the magic within its walls. She was home.
However, the members of the House of Christ church had different ideas. The cottage was evil, the home of a witch, and all good Christians know that witches are evil beings, consorts of the Devil; their houses are evil and should be destroyed.
But, the cottage's owner, Kevin Mitchellson would not allow that. He forbids any member of the church to set foot on the property left to him by his grandmother, Sarah, and the conflict rages, as Wicca and Christians team up, prepared to do battle with the bigotry and ignorance of the House of Christ fanatics.
Therese Chaze draws her readers in from the first page and refuses to release them until the last word of this fantastic tale of witches, magic, love and betrayal.
Set in the village of Coyote Springs, Dragon Domain is a book of lessons; lessons on love, forgiveness, and above all truth to oneself.
In the grand traditions of Anne McCaffrey and Marion Zimmer Bradley, Therese Chaze captures the imagination as well as the heart of her readers.
Dragon Domain is an open door to a world of wonder, and from the first page to the last, you will be hard pressed to put it down.

Linda Rucker

4.0 out of 5 stars Dragon "drama" for Coyote Springs, November 19, 2008
By Reader Views ""
Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (11/08)

"Awakening the Dragon: Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy" was a very intriguing book and had me eagerly anticipating "Dragon Domain: Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy." As I became familiar once again with the interesting characters in the series I was once again drawn into their lives and was gripped with anticipation in their trials.

Coyote Springs is a town torn. Reverend Marshall and the House of Christ church have helped to turn this quite little town upside down. The forces collide, leaving the town in turmoil and hatred for each other. As the story of Coyote Springs continues we learn more about life on the farm that Celeste, Cheyenne and Jane call home. Dominic (the same Dominic that gave you a not-so-good "vibe" in "Awakening the Dragon") becomes more and more controlling of Celeste and brings out the worst in her. He awakens the evil dragon within her and many dark events follow. They find that their hatred destroys, but not in the manner they thought.

Much darker than the first installment of the "Dragon Clan Trilogy," you will again find yourself engulfed in the writing of Theresa Chaze with "Dragon Domain: Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy." Being described as a woman that plays with dragons, especially the dragons of the mind, she takes this book beyond the realm and runs with it. I truly enjoyed this book just as much as the first book; please overlook the very few editing hiccups, and just enjoy a good gripping read. When you read the final paragraph, you will probably wonder as I, what will happen next? Will book Three follow Cheyenne, Rachel and the gang into lighter times or will Coyote Springs continue down the path of darkness? Like the author's bio reads in the closing of this book: "Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can live together in peace as long as we come from respect, not only for ourselves but those who follow different paths or beliefs." Here's hoping Coyote Springs can resolve their issues of hate and live in peace.....or would that be a fairy-tale.

4.0 out of 5 stars Fans of the Dragon Clan Trilogy..., October 16, 2008
By BookReviewsByDebra "Book Reviews By Debra" (Hawesville, KY USA) - See all my reviews

Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy
Theresa Chaze
Valkyrie Publishing, 2008
ISBN: 9780979840616
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for, 10/08
4 Stars
Fans of the Dragon Clan Trilogy...
The lead character in Dragon Domain is Cheyenne. Her past comes back to haunt her. Dominic speaks of love; he turns her against those that care for her.
This is the second book in the Dragon Clan Trilogy. In the first book, Awakening the Dragon, the focus was on struggle between Reverend Marshall, his church, and Rachel. Rachel is a minor player this time. The struggle is between forces of evil and the Dragon. I enjoyed the first book, but found Dragon Domain lacking the same attraction. This book is much darker. Fans of horror will enjoy this book. The interrelationships between the characters make this book. The characters are strong and well developed.

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