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Ritual to Heal a Broken Heart

Ritual to Heal a Broken Heart

Love is a very powerful emotion; however, it has become more so with the rapidly changing energy patterns. No longer are people willing to settle for what or who is convenient or socially acceptable. Long term relationships are not only being questioned but frequently ending as we seek to find our true soul mates and twin flames. We are more willing to risk pain in order to find true happiness. Although we have many soul mates, we only have one twin flame. More than a soul mate, twin flames is our soul’s perfect equal--our ying to their yang. In generations past, twin flames rarely incarnated at the same time; however, this has changed. Many flames have been given the gift of togetherness at this very important time in the planet’s history. Our soul contracts were written in such a way that we have the opportunity to become whole with our perfect match.

A few months ago, my soul touched and was touched by my twin flame. It was wildly exciting and wonderful. A friend asked me why I loved him. I wrote the following.

Why I do love you? I could say it’s because of your beautiful smile and cute ass. But those are just the fringe benefits. I love you for who you are in your heart and soul--your wit, your wisdom, and your smart ass remarks. You stubbornness to detail and creative view of life. I love how you love me; how you are able to see the good in me even when I can’t. I love how you care for others. When you love someone, truly love them it is the whole package inside and out. You make me smile. You make me think. I love the feel of your hand in mind--your lips on mine. We view the world much the same, yet different enough to learn from each other. I love you nose. I love your smell and your energy. You complete me. You make me whole. You make me feel as if nothing is impossible. I love the fact that the thought of you makes me smile and the sound of your voice fills me with passion. I love the fact that you are someone I can believe in because you are a man of your word. You are a good man with a loving heart and an honorable soul. I miss you when we are parted and long for your warmth next to me. In your eyes I see the miracles that could be. Your independence makes me stronger and wiser because you aren’t afraid to challenge me. You aren’t afraid to love me for me. I love you for you and only you who you are in your heart, soul and mind--for the good, bad, and ugly of your stubborn short term attention span. Most of all I love it when we are together because at no other time in my memory have I feel so whole and complete. I love you because you are you.

Sharing our love can be wonderful, yet it can also be very scary. It takes courage to stand emotionally and spiritually naked in front another, Not all are able. Not all are willing to let go and heal from the past. Love that we share can make us stronger, more able to see the best in ourselves and the world. Shared loved is a blessing for all. However, sometimes the one we love cannot follow their heart. They prefer to stay on the familiar path, instead of risking the unknown. As sad as that may make us, we cannot force or manipulate them to making a different choice. All we can do is seek a new path for ourselves. The following ritual will help the healing process.

Light a two hour white candle and say:

Compassionate Kwan Yin, Goddess of mercy and love
Lend me your strength from above.
Help me to see passed the pain
To find the lessons that I have gained.
The love I offered from my heart
Was not returned, so I ask that we kindly part.
For the highest good for one and all
Use your strength and wisdom to answer my call.
Let both our destinies hence forth be fully blessed
As we part to find new tests and quests.
Heal my pain from within to without
So myself I will no longer doubt.
Show the me the way to begin again
By helping me to heal through the pain.

Let the candle burn out. Be kind to yourself and forgiving of the other person. By releasing and keeping our heart open, we heal ourselves from the inside out. There is an old saying: If you love someone, let them go. If they return, they were yours. If they don’t it wasn’t meant to be.

Loosing a loved one doesn’t mean you aren’t lovable or cannot share love. It just means the time or the person wasn’t right. Keeping your heart open to others, not only helps you find comfort, but speeds the healing process. Sharing love is a blessing, no matter what the out come. Selfish love seeks to own or control the other; it doesn’t care what the other wants or needs. It wants what it wants no matter who it hurts. True love is open and honest. It seeks the highest good for all. It is offered with an open hand, wanting only the best for both. Sometimes that means letting go and moving on.

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