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And Freedom For All: The Murder of Dr. George Tiller a Foreshadowing of things to come?

And Freedom For All

Daphne closed the drawer and looked around the room. There was so much she wanted to take, but there was so little space. Two suitcases, her cat Sarah and her dog Maxie were all that were coming with her. Her sister had taken custody of her two mares, Star and Moon. They would be safe with her. Later during one of the horse show tours, she would return them. The rest of her belongings she had arranged for trusted friends and family to store; maybe later, it could be safely forward to her. But she wasn’t counting on it. She wiped away the single tear. Backing toward the threshold, she emotionally let go of the little reminders of the past. She would still have the memories--most of them were sweet. Unfortunately, some were not--resting her open palm on her stomach, she knew that the only way to keep her life and freedom was to run and hide. Angrily, she slammed the door and turned her back on it.
“Daphne?” Melanie ran into the hallway from the kitchen. “You ok?”
Slowly she shook her head. “Just feeling stupid.”
“The trunk’s all packed. There is a little more room if you have something small. Maybe your riding trophies?”
“No. Nothing else.”
“You don’t have to do this. We can find another way.”
“I’m already four weeks. A few more I‘ll start to show and they‘ll stop me at the border.” Getting involved with George Hedge was the biggest mistake of her life. He wasn’t the person he pretended to be. She fell in love with a kind, intelligent progressive man. Only George wasn’t that man; he was an illusion.
“You aren’t married. He doesn’t have any proof he’s the father.” Melanie persisted. “Besides, he can’t prove you’re even pregnant.”
“It doesn’t matter. Not any more. With so many women escaping up north, they are stopping every woman.”
“Remind me again...what country is this?”
“I’ve heard of women being jailed for the full term of their pregnancy to prevent them from leaving the state.”
Rolling her eyes, Melanie shook her head, the dark strands swished over her shoulders. “Let’s go pick up Sarah and Maxie from the vet and get on the road. Do you want to say good-by to your Mom on the way out of town?”
“Yes. But it wouldn’t be a good idea.” Through the window, she saw a tan SUV pull into the drive and two strange men got out. One checked his clipboard and said something to the other. He replied and they both walked toward the front door. Daphne didn’t recognized them or hear their words but she knew who they were. “Don’t ask any questions. Go in the bedroom.”
“What for?” Melanie turned toward the window. “Who are they?”
“Pre-born Protectors.”
“What the hell--”
“George must have filed a claim with them.” Angrily, Daphne marched to the door, locking the screen door before they could turn the handle. “This is private property. You are trespassing!”
A knowing look passed between them. The older of the two stepped forward and pulled on the knob. “Daphne Miller?”
“Get off my property!” Daphne hissed back.
“I’m Agent Schub.” He pointed to the other man. “This is Agent--”
“I don’t care who you are!”
“Agent Robertson. George Hedge has filed and been granted custody of his unborn child you are carrying. If you attempt to leave the state you will be arrested for kidnapping--and if you abort the child you will be prosecuted for murder.”
The fury rising, Daphne slammed the interior door.
“He’s kidding--this is just a scare tactic?” Melanie stepped closer. “I knew it was bad, but they couldn’t do it?”
“They can and have.” Daphne shook her head.
“Ms Miller, open this door.” Agent Schub demanded through the screen of the window. “You are only making it worse on yourself.”
“If you aren’t co-operative, we’ll come back with a warrant.” The other man added.
“Gotta hell.” Daphne snapped back. “You are just rent-a-cops! If you don’t get off my property. I’ll call the real ones!’
“The Pre-Born Protection Act already passed the House. It’ll pass the Senate later today.” The voice came from the other side of the door. The screen door rattled. “The President will sign it and there won’t be any place in the United States where you’ll be able to hide.”
“She won’t need to hide.” Melanie chimed in.
“Who’s with you?” Agent Schub demanded.
“A woman with a legal gun who isn’t afraid to use it.” She snapped back.
Amazed, Daphne snapped around.
Melanie pointed a small silver pistol at the door. “You are trying to break in. I can and will kill you both in self-defense.” She smiled and shrugged. “Mom said never go south without it.”
“Your mother hates guns.” Daphne whispered.
“That and a lot of things changed. She shoots marksman.”
Schub backed away from the window. Their voices could be heard, but their words weren’t distinct enough to be understood. After a moment, Schub returned to the window. “We’ll be back with a deputy and a court order preventing you from leaving the state. If you attempt to leave, you will be stopped at the border. If you do leave the state, you will be hunted down and forced to return.”
“Eat shit and die red neck!”
“Melanie,” Daphne whispered, “you are only making it worse.”
“Like you have any power outside Kansas!”
“The Act will make the PBP part of the Federal Justice system. It’ll give us the power to cross state lines to apprehend, detain, and return any woman we deem necessary to protect the life an unborn child.” He leaned in closer to the screen; his facial features distorted by the shadows of the screen, he continued. “And anyone aiding you will face the same charges.”
A smile crossed Melanie’s lips. Quickly tucking the gun in her pocket and stepping forward, she swung, hitting him through the screen. His head snapped back, his body followed, tumbling backward. His comrade caught him before he hit the ground.
“You’ll regret that!” The semi-prone man growled. “We’ll be back with a warrant for your arrest.” Returning to the SUV, they slammed the doors and squealed out of the drive.
“In a little over an hour, we’ll be out of the state and out of their reach.” Melanie returned the gun back in her purse. “Let’s go.
“But nothing. Let’s hit the road! Time’s a wasting.”
Daphne suddenly found it hard to breathe. Melanie was her oldest and dearest friend. She couldn’t allow her own foolishness to endanger her. Grabbing her hand, Daphne stepped in front of her, blocking her path to the door. “I can’t let you do this. They’ll catch us at the border--”

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