Monday, May 04, 2009

New Military Series: Operation Home Base

I have been working a made for TV movie that is designed to become a weekly series. Originally it was written to be a spin off for NCIS; however, Donald Bellisario only produces projects he creates and writes himself. It would still be a good project for a producer and network who values those who have the courage to serve and their families.

I have written a treatment based on the real life organization Operation Homefront called, Operation Home Base. OHB intertwines the challenges military personnel face with those of their families. This is not an Army Wives or reality show, but an accurate portrayal of military life. The show intertwines drama and suspense with comedy to tell the stories of active duty, vets, and wounded warriors along with those who love them.

Operation Home Base is a nationwide non profit organization with local chapters that gives support to military families, veterans, wounded warriors, and active duty military personnel by working with existing programs and organizations. Acting as an information hub, OHB works in partnership with the bases’ Dependent Centers to give aid and comfort to military personal and their families while acting as intermediary not only with other military agencies but with the civilian services. Staffed with active duty and retired military personnel along with civilians, OHB was created by the combined branches of the services to take care of their own. Their single goal is to fill the voids left by governmental agencies who are unable provide the necessary services and support for all branches of the military.

Currently, I am writing the two hour pilot; part of which will be posted here by the end of the week. Several characters were written with specific actors in mind.

Lorelei Stewart--Gloria Loring
Retired Lt. Colonel Elaine Reynolds--Deidre Hall
Deacon James William--Tom Selleck
Michael Woodsman--Drake Hogestyn
Martin Flying Crow--Graham Greene
Randi Cullen--Alyssa Milano

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