Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crazy Ladies by Michael Lee West

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Avon Books presents Michael Lee West's southern drama, Crazy Ladies. Born in Tennessee Missy Guissie is a practical woman, who takes a no nonsense approach to life. While her husbands job provides for the family, she is unwilling to give up the security she found growing up within the traditional lifestyle. However, it is her husbands foresight that provides for the family after his death. Although she loves her daughters dearly and wants them to be happy, their views of the world are very different. More like her mother than she would like her eldest daughter Dorothy finds that she both loves and dislikes her. Marrying a man more for security he can give her, she frequently battles depression. Missy Gusisies youngest daughter, Clancy, lives outside the rules. A high school cheerleader, she becomes pregnant at age 15 and marries, but her husbands untimely death leaves her alone with one child and another on the way. The death of her newborn infant temporarily sends Clancy into her brother-in-laws arms. However, when childhood friend reenters her life, she leaves her daughter behind to join the psychedelic hippy lifestyle of peace, love and drugs. Like Dorothy, Bitsy dreams of being popular and rich, yet as she grows up she see the pain those desires have caused her mother; instead, she finds her own dreams to follow. Violet, Clancys daughter, fantasized of a normal life with parents who love and support her. However, it is not love she seeks but a good education and a doorway to independence. From Tennessee to New Orleans to psychedelic San Francisco to a remote Southwestern desert ranch, three generations of woman learn the true definition of family in Michael Lee Wests Crazy Ladies

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