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How I Got Started in Entity Removal

How I Got Started in Entity Removal
Sherrie Adkins-Mountain Hawk Lady

There are a lot of different entities around. Some are demonic, some are angelic, and there are all flavors in between! Some folks have a lot of hubris, and think summoning entities is a way to give them more power for their magick. Summoning is best left to those who know what they are doing, and how to get rid of what they called up. I do not recommend it for someone just starting out in the use of magick. There have been some cases where the person called up something they couldn't handle and it ate them!

The first time I got involved with dismissing a demonic entity was in the late Seventies in San Francisco. I had read a short novella by Fritz Lieber about a stone formation called the "Bishop's Chair" in a park in San Francisco. Later, I got to know Fritz and he said he based the story on a strange happening of his own with that formation. I thought that was interesting but didn't worry about what had caused his experience with it.

Then, my friend Carol was almost killed by an entity. She was coming down the backstairs at her apartment building, and the step she'd just stepped onto vanished! She went through the stairs and fell two stories down onto some concrete rubble. As she fell, she called on me and the rest of the psychic family in SF! That helped her brake her fall enough that she went down in slow motion and landed lightly. She ripped her palm on a nail on the way down, but that was her only injury.

She went on to run the craft sale for her coop that day, then called me in the afternoon. I went over and picked her up, and made her go to the hospital ER for her palm! By then, it was too late to stitch it, so they trimmed off the triangle shaped piece of skin and flesh, gave her a tetanus shot, and bandaged her hand.

I took her home and looked at the staircase. The board was entirely gone! We never found even a splinter of it. Then I stood on her back balcony and looked out over the vista. About the time I realized I was looking at the backside of the park and in a direct line with the Bishop's Chair, I realized something really nasty was looking back at me! It hated humans, especially women, and it was coldly angry Carol had escaped with her life. It was manifesting as a black roiling boil of clouds over the stones.

I knew that I couldn't handle it on my own and called some ladies I knew. Kellan and Sunny came over. Sunny was a witch and a Shoshoni trained medicine woman. She took one look, got white in the face, and ran back inside, saying she couldn't begin to deal with it! Well, Kellan and I were both warriors from a couple of old schools, and also had the Celtic mule stubbornness, and we weren't going to back down. Kellan had her ceremonial knife with her, and I borrowed a Chicago Cutlery boning knife from Carol. We fought the thing back into its lair, and put a temporary seal on it.

Spirit told both of us it would take twelve women to permanently seal it away from our plane. It was a demon to us, but probably a jolly good fella to it's own kind. I called it a kraken because it was a wind demon that looked like a giant squid. We were also told that in the early Thirties, someone guy on drugs had opened the portal to the kraken's plane and conjured it through the open gate. It was not amused and killed him first! We never found out why it hated women so much. It hated being here, but couldn't get back to it's own plane without a lot of help.

Kellan and Sunny had trained with Z. Budapest, and knew some women who might be willing to help. I had some friends who were psychic but not trained, who wanted to help, so on the next full moon, we met and we fought! It wanted to eat us all, and we wanted it gone! We managed to get the gate open and shove it through! Then used a Seal of a Star of David in a circle to seal the gate. Then, one woman said we should rotate it in time so no one could ever get it open again, and we did it. Then we partied to celebrate!

Next morning, I walked out to the balcony and there was sunlight over the Bishop's Chair! That was so rare that Herb Caan commented on it in his column in the paper next day! I never saw the black cloud formation over the Bishop's Chair again.

Some years later, I was telling this story at a meeting of my Moonstone Circle. Scotty, my then boyfriend, exclaimed, "You're the one that got rid of that demon! Did you know it had been killing women for over forty years?" He knew of it from some of his Ren Faire friends who were also into Wicca. The police thought it was a serial killer at work! For over forty years, every year there would be at least one and sometimes two or three women found dead, suffocated, and lying on the sidewalk near the backside of the park. The local witches knew it was a demon, but no one knew how to get rid of it. Then, one day, it was gone and the killing stopped!

Most of the women who were in that circle were also members of Michael's Legion of Light. Our knives turned into Swords of Light as we fought, and the Light from those swords is what drove the demon back into it's home dimension.

Oh, and the knife I borrowed from Carol was useless from then on. After I used it to fight the demon, it wouldn't hold an edge!

Love, Sherrie Mountain Hawk Lady

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